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Battlestations Midway - Mappack 2 released

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Gentlemen and ladies us, the Midway Modders, have the honor of presenting what you been waiting for the last few months. Mappack 2 is here and ready to download for all Battlestations members today. If your not a member then you will have to wait till the 23rd to be able to play the new maps. Anyway enjoy Map pack 2 as a new years and Christmas gift from us to you and we will hopefully keep this game alive for much longer then Eidos did.

After first day we noticed more than 100 downloads, and GameLobby offers full servers where we could to play Mappack 2 new maps. Today we can observe that too. So... again let's meet the people responsible for second Midway Modders Mappack!


Core Midway Modders Team:
Gamming-for-dummys, Katarya, Tipsy3000,  velcor

Adm. Becton,

EST_PL, HyTech



TorpedoFish, EST_PL, mircea, velcor

Active betatesters:
Adi_POL, Tromp74, AgentX and Harpoon, 

FTP download servers
Nemesis GR

At last - please remember about this:


  1. Iowa Mission Pack (oficial add-on by Eidos)
  2. Midway Modders Mappack 1 (unofficial add-on by Midway Modders)

Midway Modders mappacks are created by players for players. Please feel free to give them your opinions, comments and even criticism (if any). Any feedback is welcome, we invite you to participate in new poll about Mappack 2 on our forum.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 March 2010 22:03 )  


+1 # Colonel Duck 2010-01-23 00:43
What's GameLobby? Do you mean game lobby?
+1 # Battleshipman 2010-01-23 02:56
Awesome map pack guys, love the sounds 8)
+1 # Dreddnort 2010-01-24 01:13
Is the MapPack 2 for Mac, or is this just for PCs?
+1 # Dreddnort 2010-01-24 01:14
Let me know if the Mac version is coming soon, thx
0 # EST_PL 2010-01-24 11:46
About Mac version of mappack. Pleease join discussion of forum - here:
+1 # pillyg 2010-01-24 02:28
Great job on the mappack guys!
0 # Triviaman 2010-01-24 17:53
I agree, great job on the map pack. I may be yet to play wolf pack and play Cape Engano all the way through, but the maps are still great. BTW, if there is going to be a map pack three, me and Beast got plenty of ideas, but let's enjoy these maps for now.

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