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Public Patches (Apple MacOS)

MacOS All files available here are designed for Apple Macintosh and working under MacOS.


The game has the following updates over and above the original release

  • Fixed random crash on start in 10.4
  • Fixed crash when playing in 10.5.5 with ATi HD series cards
  • Improvements to networking reliability

To update to this version of the game we strongly recommend you start the game with an active internet connection and use the auto update system built into the product.

For advanced users or people without direct internet connections you may download the patch below and replace the Battlestations Midway application in your Battlestations Midway folder with the one you have downloaded.

  This file is hosted by Feral Interactive.

This package contains 5 unofficial Battlestations Midway multiplayer maps.

  • Indian Ocean Raid
  • Tokyo Express
  • Super Steel Monsters
  • Operation Ten-Go
  • Ironbottom Sound

This package contains installler. This is Apple MacOS version.

This package contains 6 unofficial Battlestations Midway multiplayer maps. Must be installed AFTER Midway Modders Mappack 1.

  • Battle of the Java Sea
  • Strike on Kwajalein
  • Cape Engano
  • Wolfpack
  • Raid on Truk
  • Invasion on Moresby

This package contains installler. This is Apple MacOS version.

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