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This Week in History: April 17 - April 23

Sorry There's no previous week, but a lot of other stuff got in the way.


April 17: 1524: Giovanni da Verrazano reaches New York harbor

    Actually, he reached the area that would become New York Harbor.  After all, New York technically wouldn't exist for another century or so

April 18: 1783; Fighting ceases in the American Revolution

    Incredibly, the fighting ceased 8 years to the day it began

April 19: 1961; The Bay of Pigs invasion ends

    It was a failed American Military operation in Cuba.  This incident later served as inspiration for the first few levels of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops

April 20: 1792; France declares war on Austria

This marked the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars

April 21: 1509; Henry VIII becomes King of England

    Taking over from his father, Henry VII, he would rule for just a little less than 38 years.

April 22: 1970; The first Earth Day is celebrated

    It started off by being celebrated in the United States, today it is celebrated in more than 175 countries.

April 23: 1990;  Namibia becomes the 160th country to join the United Nations

    And to think, membership originally totaled 51 nations.

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