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Windows 8 64 bit - Compatibility test

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 February 2013 17:33 )  


+1 # i2Cold 2013-02-16 19:30
Problem resolved, it has nothing to do with windows. it's a games for windows live error. Just install GFWL and it should start working again.
0 # 45629522635 2013-11-12 07:12
so besides windows 8 making battlestations midway and pacific work does the battlestations midway modders and iowa mission pack work also.
+1 # 45629522635 2014-02-02 23:54
I have actually got an idea that I think will work, instead of having three battlestations games that have to do with WWII how about just making a battlestations WWII. It will have combined stuff from both battlestations midway and pacific. The repair screen, training missions, and regular mission screen from midway will be used, and the awesome graphics from pacific will be used. I was thinking from when we were planning on making a battlestations Atlantic that we could do two campaigns like how Eidos did with pacific. We could do a single player campaign with a German/ Japanese campaign and a U.S./ British campaign. The multiplayer will be no different it will have missions from midway, midway modders, Iowa mission pack, and new missions that will rock the multiplayer world. It will also have the patches installed so the game will fully function as it should have before. The last thing I have to comment on is that battlestations WWII will be available on windows 8. leave comment
+1 # 45629522635 2014-02-03 00:04
I forgot to mention that the units, and medals from midway will also be used, and new units will also be added to enhance the gaming experience. Be sure to comment :)
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