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Battlestations: Midway - cruiser HMS Dorsetshire, first custom ship in game.

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Long time ago we published article about our big step forward in modding Battlestations: Midway. One of our members, Gaming-for-dummies, found out how to add new maps to the game. Thanks to his work we were able to build and release free mappacks for all Battlestations: Midway fans. With mappack 2, so much different then mappack 1, it was easy to see that our modding skill is growing with new sounds, textures, and additional scripts (Kwajalein). But we always feel that, we need to do more most important we feel that we need new units, not only the ones which we can find in single player maps but brand new ones. I must say that, sometimes I lost hope in our ability to make this, me and a number of our members have visited many forums, to ask for help with breaking the code. But no help came from this direction some of these guys tried to help us, but without success. More, we contacted the developers of Midway and we have asked them for help. But "if you want something to be done good, do it yourself", some of our members started their own researching for Battlestations: Midway fileformat. I was really excited when I had a chance to watch their progress. It took us a year, and it was a really hard job. Do you know how hard it was? Try to open any picture (JPG for example) using Notepad. You will see what they needed to understand and make it work...

But now after much effort... it's done. Thanks to the hard work of Velcor, Coderkuno, Vendi HUN and some other guys, the Battlestations: Midway object converter is working and fully functional. The first absolutely new ship is added to our game to BSM, and thanks to Vendi HUN and Swarthycman, who is our 3D specialist now, I can show you a short movie with new unit - British HMS Dorsetshire (County class heavy cruiser). Swarthycman has given many new models to us these contain new planes and ships... ah... I think our new mappack (did I say mappack? Mappack 3?) will be absolutely brilliant. Ladies and gentlemans. Let me introduce HMS Dorsetshire.


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+1 # SloppyJapMan 2011-02-24 11:36
I guess we can expect to see her in Map-pack 3 then. Good job! another long-awaited british ship for the game. *YAHOO*
+1 # GalmGa 2011-07-11 07:44
So Will I be Expecting Kamikazes planes and other stuff?
0 # Dreddnort 2011-08-20 21:29
Bloody great, good job. Why the Dorestshire rather than something like HMS Nelson? Or one of the N5 class even?
0 # Adm2805 2012-01-03 15:57
Nice job, plus really good quality. I'm really hoping that more of these custom made ships will come out soon, like an Essex class carrier for example.
0 # EmeraldBot 2012-02-20 05:52
Whoa, amazing! You might want to toy around with the idea of having a battle between the Yamato and the Bismarck, even though this is the pacific. That would be something I would want to see!:)
0 # Adm2805 2012-03-02 16:04
Quoting EmeraldBot:
You might want to toy around with the idea of having a battle between the Yamato and the Bismarck, even though this is the pacific.

Perhaps we could use the Renowns 15 inchers as a substitute and put them on in place of the 18 inchers, ever though there are only 3 turrets.
0 # takao71534 2012-03-13 02:37
the bismarck had 15inch guns in 4 twin turrets so use the twin 14s fron King george the V class and up the damage, their the closest thing to bismarks maingun turrets.

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