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Panoramix - Aleutians

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Map - Aleutians, Carrier Battles mappack (Panorama view - Picture is not 360o)



Larger and more detailed islands than currently seen in game or previous DLC.

Icy, rocky environment, inspired by Aleutian Islands landscapes.


Beautifully clear midday sunshine.

Game Modes

Island Capture:

Action-oriented gameplay emphasising the use of battleships and sporting the biggest islands seen in the game so far.


A Japanese carrier and enemy cargo ships are heading through an area controlled by US planes. Your task is to stop those cargos and their carrier escort.

Heavy submarine oriented action.


The Americans next target for their amphibious attacks is an island with great industrial capacity. The Japanese are able to deploy cruisers while they have the Supply Depot and the Oil Refinery. If the US destroys the Defense Control Center the landings will begin. Allied players have to disable the enmy headquarters, whilst the Japanese players must thwart this attempt.


Japanese battleships are carrying out a bombardment of a group of American island bases. The US must destroy the enemy battleships whilst the Japanese players have to protect the battleships and allow them to carry out their objective.


Fiercely battle along the southwest side of the huge main island.

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