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Panoramix - Midway Islands

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Midway Islands

Map - Midway Islands, Carrier Battles mappack (Panorama view - Picture is not 360o)

Midway Islands


The easily recognisable Midway Islands take the main stage, along with three additional medium and six small sized islands.


Slight cloud, but broad daylight fills the scene…

Game Modes

Island Capture:

Focused carrier and counter carrier gameplay.

Both sides control up to two carriers as mobile spawn points.

Strong emphasis on the use of submarines.


The Lexington and her fleet are heading home through enemy waters after having dealt a devastating strike on the Japanese. Unexpectedly they find themselves facing strong opposition. You have to ensure that Lady Lex makes it out of the are in one piece!

Take control of destroyers to tackle kamikazes, torpedo bombers, large recon planes, destroyers and cruisers.


The Japanese intend to capture Midway. In order to do so, the Imperial Navy must destroy the fortresses scattered around the area to allow the landings to begin. The US have to disable all enemy carriers backing up the operation.


The imperial Navy’s battleships are closing in from the northwest towards Midway. They intend to make clear the way for incoming amphibious forces. The Japanese side’s goal is to protect the battleships along the way with cruisers, while the US players, also controlling cruisers, have to destroy the battleships.

Both Japanese and US players are allowed to spawn all of the basic light and heavy cruisers. This is an old school escort mission where the key will be concentrating on enemy layers to achieve victory.


Classic duel rules apply, completely destroy the enemy, set to the backdrop of the Midway Islands.

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