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Panoramix - Phillipine Islands

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Phillipine Islands

Map - Phillippine Islands, Carrier Battles mappack (Panorama view - Picture is not 360o)

Philippine Islands


Two medium and three small sized islands resembling the Philippine Islands.


Fog at dawn.

Game Modes

Island Capture:

Designed for large scale carrier battles.

Both sides control up to three (!) carriers as mobile spawn points.

Strong emphasis on the use of submarines.


A US carrier and enemy cargos are heading though an area controlled by Japanese submarines. Your task is to stop those cargo ships and their carrier escort.

Heavy submarine oriented action.


Allied forces are carrying out an amphibious operation in the Philippines. The US has to destroy the Japanese headquarters, whilst the Japanese must destroy the US carrier.


A damaged South Dakota class battleship is stranded near an island. US players must protect the battleship and destroy the incoming Japanese carriers, whilst the Japanese side has to sink the US battleship and protect their own carriers.


Classic duel mode, offering a tactical advantage to anyone making use of the rocky landscape and island formations for cover.

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