Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.

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Forum for Battlestations: Midway on PC. English only.

XBOX Midway forum XBOX Midway forum Mac Midway Subforum Mac Midway Subforum
PS3 Subforum. PS3 Subforum.

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1518 Replies @Purplehearts here is an upload with everything u will need to convert to an mmod file, well not everything the only thing u need to get is lightwave 9.0 which there is a download for...
25-Aug-15 01:12:04
Last post by: wq1234
Ask for strategies, describe yours, talk about Battlestations Midway tips and tricks here.English language please.

26 Topics

225 Replies

25-Aug-15 01:21:23
Last post by: wq1234
Ask others about your problems with Battlestations Midway game. We will try to help you.

44 Topics

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25-Aug-15 01:11:20
Last post by: wq1234
Requested polish forum about Battlestations: Midway. Polish only.

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25-Aug-15 01:17:17
Last post by: wq1234
Requested german forum about Battlestations: Midway. German only.

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ah ja jetzt hab ich es auch hinbekomen das Spiel stürtzt aber immer ab wenn ich die Bismarck ausgewählt habe und ein game starte weißt du woran das liegen kann ? Ideensamlung!!!
20-Sep-14 11:20:07
Last post by: Adrian
Requested french forum about Battlestations: Midway. French only.

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Je joue à navyfield et j'ai vu qu'il y avait du contenu téléchargeable dont deux nouveaux projets de battleship: superyamato et montana. Mod VO Battlestations...
06-Feb-14 09:20:14
Last post by: dennisjoe
Requested russian forum about Battlestations: Midway. Russian language only.

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Парни, подскажите, после закрытия GаmeSpy ещё осталась возможность как-то по сети поиграть? Kills Clan projects and...
13-Dec-14 10:53:32
Last post by: Kordhard
Game, units, and maps modifications. Here is your place. Game translations and game skinners subforums now available.

Textures and skins Textures and skins Translators corner Translators corner
3D Objects Battlestations Midway 3D Objects Battlestations Midway

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Hmm you may want to contact the person who make the guide, i think you can find that on the first post Modding BSM - An Easy Guide.
06-Aug-15 02:01:41
Last post by: Avalon
Modders, Modellers, Betatesters. Important informations only.

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OK, mc_JMission1 Available Map numbers
08-Apr-10 00:06:07
Last post by: Velcor
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Forum for Battlestations: Pacific PC players. English only.

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It might be the environment the game uses when you preview a unit in the library... What is hajo teszt?
07-Aug-15 07:43:58
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Ask others about your problems with Battlestations Pacific game. We will try to help you. Remember that, we are not developpers.

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look here expansion maps for BSP
12-May-15 02:38:07
Last post by: Avalon
Forum for Battlestations: Pacific XBOX players.

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Yes, that person probably never hosted a match and therefore no statistics are available. Drop Rate
21-Aug-15 06:37:39
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Requested polish forum about Battlestations: Pacific. Polish only.(Tylko język polski)

38 Topics

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Witam.mam problem z pobieraniem zarowno patcha i moda z tej strony.Demo moge pobrac bez problemu zas inne zaawartosci nie moge sciagnac?Prosze ojakas rade! Pomocy!
02-May-15 10:45:19
Last post by: stasxxxrr
Game, units, and maps modifications. Here is your place.

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Easy enough... Help to add guns to ships.
Today 10:15:26
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
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Do you want to talk about new Battlestations? Do it here.

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thats the reason i will never go for the likes of unity or anything, they sound great and all but u pay big before u even make anything and then when its released u pay money for that as well not to mention the fact that to code anything into the... Open source engines
03-Aug-15 19:49:59
Last post by: marauder2k9
Do you have new concept about gameplay? Do you have great idea for new map or unit? Publish it here.

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The engine that powers Battlestations is called the Mithis Engine (aka Black Sun Engine) - after Mithis Entertainment (later EIDOS Hungary) and the first game to use this engine was Nexus: The Jupiter Incident which is pretty similar to what you... NEW EXPANSION FOR...
12-Nov-14 07:13:14
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
New Battlestations Forum. Team Announcements and questions to the team.

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lol i know its part of my optimistic nature but apart from that have any of you guys heard of torque 3d? Battlestations: NG. What...
03-Aug-15 19:47:10
Last post by: marauder2k9

French Battlestations: NG Forum French Battlestations: NG Forum German Battlestations: NG Forum German Battlestations: NG Forum
Italian Battlestations: NG Forum Italian Battlestations: NG Forum Polish Battlestations: NG Forum Polish Battlestations: NG Forum
Russian Battlestations: NG Forum Russian Battlestations: NG Forum Spanish Battlestations: NG Forum Spanish Battlestations: NG Forum
Dutch Battlestations: NG Forum Dutch Battlestations: NG Forum

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These national forums covering existing translations for Battlestations: Midway. We have hope for that, we can add translations for our new Battlestations game. You can also use your language forum to discuss everything about new Battlestations... Deutsche Spieler in BSP
05-May-12 17:02:23
Last post by: Scharnhorst
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New idea? You have problems with the site? Come here...

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Thank you Axis ;) A stern warning to...
03-Aug-15 02:14:10
Last post by: PlanesFan1
You are new to the site? You can say hello here. English only.

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Hi and welcome. Unfortunately in BSP it is just a static model. This comes down to it being controllable but everything is treated as one solid model so there aren't any guns to control. It was just meant as a target and not to be controlled. In... Hello to You All!
05-Nov-14 07:47:05
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
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You can ask for new clanpages or talk about existing clan pages here. Discussions about existing clanpages in domain are hidden!

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hi no prob. we r playing BSP alll day ;-) PwK
14-Oct-11 09:37:03
Last post by: Admiral Andy76
Challenge others here.

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Great. Hope we can get more people than just you and I. Midway Mac Multiplayer
25-Feb-12 14:47:12
Last post by: Adm2805
If looking for a clan, or your clan is looking for new members - start your thread here.

8 Topics

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That's true Searching for a clan.
26-Feb-12 15:08:45
Last post by: Adm2805
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Forum for movie fans. Let's talk about documentary movies.

8 Topics

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thanks for sharing such a nice post The story of the USS...
28-Nov-13 10:34:43
Last post by: alizah
Let's talk about feature movies.

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Ok I'll take a look at it Yamato Japan Movie 2005:...
04-Apr-12 22:23:57
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
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Let's talk about history here.

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1053 Replies

Read the first post on this topic to see which battleship could win. In this post i compared some technical details of Yamato and Iowa. Iowa vs Yamato
21-Sep-14 10:06:16
Last post by: robi777
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Everything you want, but not about Battlestations :)

68 Topics

845 Replies

Hello everybody, for those who are not familiar with me, I am Triviaman; a longtime member and battlestations fan. Back in the early days, I did a lot around here, from designing maps to the "who would win?" thread. To my credit, I designed... Goodbye everyone, from...
07-Jul-14 19:30:30
Last post by: Triviaman
All games, except for Battlestations.

36 Topics

838 Replies

[quote=Battleshipman]It won't, wargaming cleaned house after the world of warplanes epic failure (seriously a world war 2 flight game without a p-47 and fw-190 at release?) and that whole studo in charge of that was liquidated (aka fired) and they... World of warships
06-Mar-15 21:20:33
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Jokes, funny pictures, funny movies? Go here...

17 Topics

953 Replies

[quote=Axis_Crusher]And here is this week's selection of totally irrelevant, but funny stuff: Trash can cannon Cow powered lawn mower Shoving a... "Mustang Sally" and more
24-Jul-15 03:17:51
Last post by: YamatoFavor
Requested polish forum

22 Topics

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Proszę pisać w odpowiednim dziale. Państwo napisali w języku polskim, ale używane w sekcji niemieckiej. Przeniosłem post w Twoim imieniu. Aby odpowiedzieć na to pytanie - A4tech wygląda dobry. Słuchawki do gier
28-Nov-14 11:12:21
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
German language only forum

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Jab ist mir bekannt. Ich finde es aber echt super das sich einige die Mühe machen und das umsetzten man hätte aus dem game von seiter der Entwickler mehr draus machen können z.b. ein Addon in der art. Naja ich verfolge das gespannt weiter... Deutsche Quatsch und...
27-May-15 22:38:56
Last post by: Adrian
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All useless topics here!

109 Topics

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Yesterday 05:30:32
Last post by: anjanajain727

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  • Axis_Crusher : FINALLY!!! After 18 months with HORRIBLE internet my 4mbps uncapped ADSL installation and activation is complete. Now I am ready to get serious.
  • minhdiy12 : Oops. Many thanks.
  • Axis_Crusher : minhdiy12 the right place to ask for help is in the forums. Please create a topic and post your questions there.
  • YamatoFavor : Surgeon lets continue our conversation on facebook
  • minhdiy12 : someone answer me, plz. =(
  • minhdiy12 : Well, I add an oerlikon to th 22 slot of the fletcher. It did appear in the unit indentification. But when i start the misson that have that has fletcher class. The game will crash.
  • minhdiy12 : H, I am new. I have read alot about modding and tutorial on this forum. But so far, the only thing i can edit is map in BSM. But i want to know how to add guns to ship like suboy do in this topic «link»
  • bushidocode : the code is in the vehicle classes
  • bushidocode : I think we need to rely on the obj converter on the internet instead of the one we got
  • YamatoFavor : no i mean the codes
  • bushidocode : it is easy .......
  • bushidocode : from theh model
  • bushidocode : go to obj format...... then 3D program...... open it ...there are points when each gun is set into
  • bushidocode : okay......... when you get the position .... that happen when you can open the model in 3d
  • YamatoFavor : ok how about the gun positions of the ship that is one of the most head aching problems in TXM formats
  • bushidocode : k
  • bushidocode : \that is number three
  • YamatoFavor : hmm i think it is starting to throb in my head hehehe please let write this down as a note will you bushido?
  • bushidocode : usually that is in the ship classes file
  • bushidocode : there is the dds file of the ship, which needs to be name in the mmod fiole

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