Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.

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Forum for Battlestations: Midway on PC. English only.

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The mpak you need to work with is GILoading__Init.mpak Extract this mpak and locate this file: GILoading__Init.mpak\gui\textures\frontend\alap.tga Here are some of the splashes I created back in 2010/2011:... image battlestations midway
29-Apr-16 11:25:32
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Ask for strategies, describe yours, talk about Battlestations Midway tips and tricks here.English language please.

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25-Dec-15 03:45:31
Last post by: jlgg
Ask others about your problems with Battlestations Midway game. We will try to help you.

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It's possible he wants to do the manual installations, but then you need the files as-is. I was under the assumption he wants to mod the files - hence the extracted files. someone I can spend iowa...
19-Mar-16 08:03:29
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Requested polish forum about Battlestations: Midway. Polish only.

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Jestem tu nowy.chce pobrać tą grę Battlestations ale nie mogę znaleźć jej na tej stronie żeby pobrać.Możecie podesłać m link skąd tą gre mogę ściągnąć ? Pobranie gry
29-Nov-13 14:30:05
Last post by: Szymek355
Requested german forum about Battlestations: Midway. German only.

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27-Nov-15 03:13:30
Last post by: Anike
Requested french forum about Battlestations: Midway. French only.

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Je joue à navyfield et j'ai vu qu'il y avait du contenu téléchargeable dont deux nouveaux projets de battleship: superyamato et montana. Mod VO Battlestations...
06-Feb-14 09:20:14
Last post by: dennisjoe
Requested russian forum about Battlestations: Midway. Russian language only.

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Парни, подскажите, после закрытия GаmeSpy ещё осталась возможность как-то по сети поиграть? Kills Clan projects and...
13-Dec-14 10:53:32
Last post by: Kordhard
Game, units, and maps modifications. Here is your place. Game translations and game skinners subforums now available.

Textures and skins Textures and skins Translators corner Translators corner
3D Objects Battlestations Midway 3D Objects Battlestations Midway

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[quote=Horovcev]Fubuki class destroyer of the sample in 1943. [url=][img][/img][/url]... Update BSM_v03
24-Apr-16 10:10:51
Last post by: YamatoFavor
Modders, Modellers, Betatesters. Important informations only.

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OK, mc_JMission1 Available Map numbers
08-Apr-10 00:06:07
Last post by: Velcor
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Forum for Battlestations: Pacific PC players. English only.

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It won't. You need a specific utility (BSP Ripper) in order to unpack and pack the .mpak files. Take a look at the following page that contains the tools of the trade Finding sounds
10-Feb-16 06:39:07
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Ask others about your problems with Battlestations Pacific game. We will try to help you. Remember that, we are not developpers.

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21-Apr-16 02:47:59
Last post by: lmx
Forum for Battlestations: Pacific XBOX players.

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I play BSP and I don't have any updates. I am assuming your using the Xbox version. Windows version doesn't have any more updates 2 MB Update Download?
18-Apr-16 22:13:05
Last post by: N_Trainz
Requested polish forum about Battlestations: Pacific. Polish only.(Tylko język polski)

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Cały czas tam jestem :) Dziękuję za zainteresowanie. Moderacja może zamknąć temat. Do zobaczenia na Pacyfiku :) Battlestations Pacific...
11-Apr-16 09:19:10
Last post by: Nantz
Game, units, and maps modifications. Here is your place.

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What I mean with conflict is that class 388 is the Super Yamato - chances are this number is already reserved somewhere in game because it is the same number as in the DLC. You'll see in AWP I used class 9xx for all the new and imported units... Mass Unpack MPAK
01-May-16 11:47:57
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
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New idea? You have problems with the site? Come here...

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16-Apr-16 02:02:39
Last post by: huangqing
You are new to the site? You can say hello here. English only.

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27-Nov-15 03:09:33
Last post by: Anike
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You can ask for new clanpages or talk about existing clan pages here. Discussions about existing clanpages in domain are hidden!

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hi no prob. we r playing BSP alll day ;-) PwK
14-Oct-11 09:37:03
Last post by: Admiral Andy76
Challenge others here.

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Great. Hope we can get more people than just you and I. Midway Mac Multiplayer
25-Feb-12 14:47:12
Last post by: Adm2805
If looking for a clan, or your clan is looking for new members - start your thread here.

8 Topics

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That's true Searching for a clan.
26-Feb-12 15:08:45
Last post by: Adm2805
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Forum for movie fans. Let's talk about documentary movies.

8 Topics

45 Replies

25-Dec-15 03:46:25
Last post by: jlgg
Let's talk about feature movies.

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25-Dec-15 03:38:13
Last post by: jlgg
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Let's talk about history here.

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27-Nov-15 03:13:27
Last post by: Anike
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Everything you want, but not about Battlestations :)

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30-Jan-16 03:15:08
Last post by: seanabc
All games, except for Battlestations.

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25-Dec-15 03:36:24
Last post by: jlgg
Jokes, funny pictures, funny movies? Go here...

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Since the Springboks left for England not too many hours ago I want to share what is probably one of the most epic ads ever made: "Mustang Sally" and more
11-Sep-15 22:12:03
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Requested polish forum

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Proszę pisać w odpowiednim dziale. Państwo napisali w języku polskim, ale używane w sekcji niemieckiej. Przeniosłem post w Twoim imieniu. Aby odpowiedzieć na to pytanie - A4tech wygląda dobry. Słuchawki do gier
28-Nov-14 11:12:21
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
German language only forum

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Jab ist mir bekannt. Ich finde es aber echt super das sich einige die Mühe machen und das umsetzten man hätte aus dem game von seiter der Entwickler mehr draus machen können z.b. ein Addon in der art. Naja ich verfolge das gespannt weiter... Deutsche Quatsch und...
27-May-15 22:38:56
Last post by: Adrian

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  • N_Trainz : Great to hear mate. I still find that interesting how the scripts is easy
  • Axis_Crusher : Progress is going very well with Iwo Jima on Siege. The difficult part was just to convert the SP map to MP. The scripting is going surprisingly easy. The map is working 98%. Just one or two little bugs to fix and then another map done...
  • Axis_Crusher : As promised: «link»
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  • Axis_Crusher : Congratulations, I think...
  • YamatoFavor : hahaha ikr i got more to do because just got elected as treasurer in my college sounds like a pain - __ - i can't rest mon to sat only sunday is my heaven day
  • Axis_Crusher : Same, modding has been in the background for a while now. Work is driving me nuts.
  • YamatoFavor : yeah i know been busy with stuff lately how about you?
  • Axis_Crusher : It's been a while

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