Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.

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Forum for Battlestations: Midway on PC. English only.

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Give me some time to effect this. All of the best wishes from us. Deletion of my acount
29-Aug-14 15:04:44
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Ask for strategies, describe yours, talk about Battlestations Midway tips and tricks here.English language please.

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i agree as well it gets annoying but that just helps my game a bit with fighting in teams me some friends always split the focus like on a 4 on 4. two will focus on war ships 1 on landing craft and the 4th one on fighter planes and bombers that's... Need For New Strategies
08-Sep-14 03:00:46
Last post by: Pattons_war
Ask others about your problems with Battlestations Midway game. We will try to help you.

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Help i cannot play BS midway with gameranger because it says, Flash Web player not installed, but it is instaleed in every browser i have help please? Gameranger
22-Jan-14 00:22:45
Last post by: ParanaPoison11
Requested polish forum about Battlestations: Midway. Polish only.

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Jestem tu nowy.chce pobrać tą grę Battlestations ale nie mogę znaleźć jej na tej stronie żeby pobrać.Możecie podesłać m link skąd tą gre mogę ściągnąć ? Pobranie gry
29-Nov-13 13:30:05
Last post by: Szymek355
Requested german forum about Battlestations: Midway. German only.

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ah ja jetzt hab ich es auch hinbekomen das Spiel stürtzt aber immer ab wenn ich die Bismarck ausgewählt habe und ein game starte weißt du woran das liegen kann ? Ideensamlung!!!
20-Sep-14 11:20:07
Last post by: Adrian
Requested french forum about Battlestations: Midway. French only.

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Je joue à navyfield et j'ai vu qu'il y avait du contenu téléchargeable dont deux nouveaux projets de battleship: superyamato et montana. Mod VO Battlestations...
06-Feb-14 08:20:14
Last post by: dennisjoe
Requested russian forum about Battlestations: Midway. Russian language only.

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не знаю где лицуху достать... чтобы зарубиться Kills Clan projects and...
02-Jan-14 06:36:54
Last post by: ainsley
Game, units, and maps modifications. Here is your place. Game translations and game skinners subforums now available.

Textures and skins Textures and skins Translators corner Translators corner
3D Objects Battlestations Midway 3D Objects Battlestations Midway

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Welcome to the forums! Please take note that this is not the correct topic to be posting a problem. You are welcome to create a new topic and also pleasde expand upon the problem's description. Was the game working? Did you patch it? Do you... Modding BSM - An Easy Guide.
15-Aug-14 18:20:02
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Modders, Modellers, Betatesters. Important informations only.

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OK, mc_JMission1 Available Map numbers
08-Apr-10 00:06:07
Last post by: Velcor
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Forum for Battlestations: Pacific PC players. English only.

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Reply To Axis, NOTED ;) still gonna practice gonna memorize each step and also all the parts youre going to to edit this might take a while or more than a while *ROFL* A guide to modding...
27-Sep-14 13:14:00
Last post by: YamatoFavor
Ask others about your problems with Battlestations Pacific game. We will try to help you. Remember that, we are not developpers.

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Der Online-Shop wurde geschlossen. Sie können die Anweisungen in diesem Forum auf, wie man manuell herunterladen und installieren folgen: Andernfalls werden Sie für BSmodHQ... Mustank Paket
30-Sep-14 07:34:17
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Forum for Battlestations: Pacific XBOX players.

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I will be getting pacific soon and my GT is Trem Fantasma PEOPLE WHO STILL PLAY...
07-Oct-14 14:29:50
Last post by: Trem Fantasma
Requested polish forum about Battlestations: Pacific. Polish only.(Tylko język polski)

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Mam edycję pudełkową battlestations pacific, z wydania kolekcja klasyki. W środku mam kartę'' szybki start'', jednak nie ma tam klucza aktywacyjnego, pole jest puste... mam za to kartkę z kompanii graczy z kodem do rejestracji tej gry na... klucz
29-Mar-14 18:06:06
Last post by: lucider
Game, units, and maps modifications. Here is your place.

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This one goes to YamatoFavor. There is news on BSmodHQ: LSP BSmodHQ: LSP is launching closed Alpha today BSmodHQ: Last Stand Pack
Today 09:44:18
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
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New idea? You have problems with the site? Come here...

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23-Aug-14 19:55:47
Last post by: Admiral Luke
You are new to the site? You can say hello here. English only.

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HI BS community. Trades46 here. I've learned about Battlestations: Pacific by searching through World of Warships on YT. Then I came across BS:P. Now, I'm fan of BS:P and I've recently gotten Midway as well. I'll be paying close attention to... Hello BS community
21-Nov-13 22:51:25
Last post by: Trades46
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You can ask for new clanpages or talk about existing clan pages here. Discussions about existing clanpages in domain are hidden!

6 Topics

11 Replies

19-Apr-12 03:50:06
Last post by: zq0101
Challenge others here.

9 Topics

143 Replies

03-May-14 11:53:34
Last post by: Blitzkrieg
If looking for a clan, or your clan is looking for new members - start your thread here.

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That's true Searching for a clan.
26-Feb-12 14:08:45
Last post by: Adm2805
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Forum for movie fans. Let's talk about documentary movies.

8 Topics

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thanks for sharing such a nice post The story of the USS...
28-Nov-13 09:34:43
Last post by: alizah
Let's talk about feature movies.

11 Topics

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Ok I'll take a look at it Yamato Japan Movie 2005:...
04-Apr-12 22:23:57
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
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Let's talk about history here.

46 Topics

1053 Replies

Read the first post on this topic to see which battleship could win. In this post i compared some technical details of Yamato and Iowa. Iowa vs Yamato
21-Sep-14 10:06:16
Last post by: robi777
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Everything you want, but not about Battlestations :)

68 Topics

845 Replies

Hello everybody, for those who are not familiar with me, I am Triviaman; a longtime member and battlestations fan. Back in the early days, I did a lot around here, from designing maps to the "who would win?" thread. To my credit, I designed... Goodbye everyone, from...
07-Jul-14 19:30:30
Last post by: Triviaman
All games, except for Battlestations.

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So EST do you think that windows 8 would be a good platform for both battlestations WWI and Atlantic? Tell axis crusher that the concept art is awesome and would attract good attention. The only concern I have is how do we advertise our new game... Battlestations: Atlantic...
04-Apr-14 05:35:30
Last post by: 45629522635
Jokes, funny pictures, funny movies? Go here...

16 Topics

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Did you hear about the man who robbed an art museum, but was caught very easily? When asked, he said "I did not have the Monet, to buy De Gas, to make the Van Gogh" Joke time
14-Sep-13 03:40:20
Last post by: Triviaman
Requested polish forum

21 Topics

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Statry, ale ciekawy temat. Mam pytane z innej beczki: Jak wy wyznaczcie te pozycje i znajdujecie je? Bo ja też nie wiem, jak, a użyłem Google Maps. Z ciekawości poszperałem satelitą po Pearl, i znalazłem wrak, okazało się, że jest... Satelita.
04-Mar-13 15:37:35
Last post by: Komandir
German language only forum

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Hi, n´paar Worte dazu... ...ich erlebte schon des öfteren, dass ich mich nicht bei einem Host einklinken konnte... - also mangels Möglichkeit ich selbst ´nen Host basteltete. ...kamm aber keiner... - also raus, und nochmal versucht in... BSM und BSP für X-Box...
19-Jan-12 19:08:18
Last post by: Joghurt der Letzte

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  • bushidocode : May have a four day upcoming weekend to work on huge maps......... taking one day at a time.
  • bushidocode : Copy that.... thx. That is something we can do later.
  • Axis_Crusher : As far as I know there is no no - cd patch out there for BSP. The 1.1.1 you refer to is BSM (BSM had 1.1 and 1.1.1 patches while BSP had 1.1 and 1.2 patches)
  • bushidocode : Battlestations pacific NoCD patch for 1.1.1 (2.65 MB) Does anyone have a file that does not require a CD for BSP?
  • bushidocode : BSP Map Development and Planning update to serpent map.
  • YamatoFavor : @Axis come on just the ten - go mission
  • Axis_Crusher : Thumbs up!
  • bushidocode : Unlocks are now available for all huge maps - see development and planning topic in forum. Thx
  • bushidocode : The following week
  • bushidocode : Greet everyone and Axis, I will personally fix the unlocks for the huge maps this week and study what naval supplies for hq
  • Axis_Crusher : @YamatoFavor you have not been granted Alpha test participation as you have not made an active contribution to the development. Ideas are passive contribution.
  • YamatoFavor : Woops Axis I'll join the alpha test team :) i gladly want to test Operation Ten - Go and other maps as well :)
  • bushidocode : Revised new imformation on today's HMM download post. Take care always, bushidocode
  • bushidocode : Hi axis sorry about yesterday...... was sleeping to download the HHM to mega
  • Axis_Crusher : Last Stand Pack is also going into closed Alpha this coming week.
  • He 219 Uhu : Attn: Bushidocode please post within an hour then release website
  • He 219 Uhu : Last short announcement: both files are 7g with complete mod..... huge maps are the uncut version only from developers
  • He 219 Uhu : Hi Again, Files are ready to download, and need an overall of announcement what to expect from such downloads.
  • He 219 Uhu : Greets everyone. We are going to release the 1.25 with GFWL and 1.50 offline of huge maps. Must have a BSP disk - sorry.
  • bushidocode : On Saturdays, between 12:00pm and 2:00pm - (US) Arizona time, A group of players will begin setting up for online and Offline (LAN) play. Test stage is this upcoming weekend. Will keep you posted.

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