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Battlestations: NG New Concepts and Ideas

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Author: Triviaman
400 suggestions!

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25-Aug-16 02:06:56
Last post by: fang
Author: EST_PL
Please read before posting.


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Im thiniking of adding damage from using non-kamikaze planes for kamikaze to make it realistic (small damage). I also noticed if you crash into something with a ship, little or no damage is caused, so improve that by increasing damage and causing... 17-Jun-10 22:33:00
Last post by: acquanemesisX
Author: Pattons_war


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The engine that powers Battlestations is called the Mithis Engine (aka Black Sun Engine) - after Mithis Entertainment (later EIDOS Hungary) and the first game to use this engine was Nexus: The Jupiter Incident which is pretty similar to what you... 12-Nov-14 07:13:14
Last post by: Axis_Crusher
Author: BB Ben
An complete overhaul of Island capture mode


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[quote=ash]That would be one awsome game! Anyway a bit off topic but I would like to see simple AKs to acually have a purpose like fleet oilers accually delivering fuel, having dedicated repair ships, and friendly ships close to a sinking or... 01-Dec-11 23:23:15
Last post by: Galm12
Author: Galm12

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I know what you mean that is a kick ass game btw. I have considered these thoughts before but never actually done it yet. 06-Mar-11 00:12:01
Last post by: Tipsy3000
Author: Adi_POL
Ideas from BsP and not only


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[[quote=M0n3y]I miss Nemmy :CRY:[/quote] my too where is he ? :D 08-Nov-10 17:30:14
Last post by: Adi_POL
Author: Velcor


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Again with the NG idea. Why are we talking about smal details in the final project while we are incapable of making a new game? Its like dremora warlord said: it takes a lot of people and they need to posses the right skills. They will... 19-Aug-10 16:15:12
Last post by: Gaming-for-dummys
Author: IJN_Yamato


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why u not make project map? download icons and make map 17-Aug-10 09:20:53
Last post by: Adi_POL
Author: IJN_Yamato


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why u not make project map? download icons and make map 17-Aug-10 09:20:49
Last post by: Adi_POL
Author: MichaelW
I really like the game but I wish it did this....


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Thanks for your post [b]MichaelW,[/b]. Maybe there is not so many answers, but you can be sure team reading good opinions and propositions, like yours. 01-Aug-10 01:26:01
Last post by: EST_PL
Author: mattc12
in the game, add a tech tree and unit/class specific upgrades


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01-Jan-70 01:00:00
Last post by:
Author: mattc12


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01-Jan-70 01:00:00
Last post by:
Author: mattc12
a upgrade/ tech tree idea for the new game


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01-Jan-70 01:00:00
Last post by:

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  • alantay11 : Gdrive mod crashes when i try to load a mission in ijn campaign?
  • N_Trainz : No it was created by multiple authors from around the world. I just made it so its actually a mod instead of a complete game that's about 7GB in size. The readme file that is displayed can give you more info about the mod
  • Runsva : hey ntrainz did u make this mod all by yourself?
  • N_Trainz : If you need any other help, just shout out and I'll try to get back as soon as possible
  • N_Trainz : Its not a problem :D I do thank you for waiting for a long time to get the mod. Again hope you enjoy the mod and the other fun features it comes with
  • Legendary Da : I don't know how many times I said that, but thank you so much for your work. Considering how much time making an installer, making it work and uploading it to different servers, I thank you again for the effort you put in this. :D
  • N_Trainz : Legendary Da: Here it is, installers works this time and Moddb won't accept it as they say its too large to upload, so its on my Google Drive and here is the link, hope you enjoy it «link»
  • Legendary Da : I had guessed it was about the wrong area, though I still wondered why it had been removed. Thanks for taking your time to make something better for the community. Take as much time as you require, though; life still comes first.
  • N_Trainz : Actually it was removed by me for 2 reasons; 1. was it was uploaded in the wrong area and 2. the installer didn't autp - detect the disk version, only the Steam version (since that is what I have). Going to remake it so if you won't mind a but longer wat that'll be appreciated
  • Legendary Da : Thanks soo much for the mod, I couldn't access to the Internet lately so I couldn't write a reply. Btw, the mod is removed from ModDB, is it taken down, or you removed it yourself? Either way, thanks for the awesome work (at least for providing it) :D
  • N_Trainz : What game and mod are you dealing with?
  • Runsva : Can someone PLEASE help me i can't install anything on my game it just keeps crashing!!
  • N_Trainz : Legendary Da: Its now live on Moddb and here is the link, requires a Batlestations Midway game to be installed to work «link» - midway - skinpack/addons/international - bsm - collection - light - version Enjoy
  • Runsva : are we still talikg about the zyy modding pack??
  • N_Trainz : Yeah I wanted to do this, but the installers were being a pain giving me errors about something. I finally got it working, and just figured out how to make the updater now since it'll be two parts with one containing the misc files and the other mostly the mpak files. It'll be a stand - alone DLC mod just like the Bismarck Mission Pack was. Like I said I plan to have it all completed and uploaded by this weekend
  • Legendary Da : No, no, not problem at all; I am already grateful that you were thinking about this subject, I can wait as long as you need to. Thanks for the help (again), and feel no need to rush this subject; we all know that the life comes first. :)
  • N_Trainz : Hope you won't mind the wait, it'll be worth it if you ask me, and yes I do understand that you can't download due to that cap Mege has. I heard the PM was down, but haven't tried it as I been busy helping the BSmodHQ team with things and then those that are life - in - general.
  • N_Trainz : To Legendary Da: I been trying to work on that actually, what I'm experiencing is the pack size> I already made it a light version of the mod, so hopefully this weekend maybe, might be sooner
  • Legendary Da : To N_Trainz: So, um... I can't exactly download from Mega for some reason; so could u upload that mod to Moddb? I am sorry for making extra work for you, and I TOTALLY understand if u can't upload it again; so, do as you want; I just wanted to say somehow I couldn't dl the mod (btw, why isn't the PM working?). U don't have to post the link either; I'll find it from the site if u upload it. Thanks whatever u do, and so sorry for the extra wish. :/
  • Runsva : Anyone there??

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