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Who owns the DLC ?

Do you have any DLC installed for BS:P ? If so, wich one of them ?
Not any one of them
47% (8 votes)
Only Volcano Island map pack
0% (0 votes)
Only Mustang Unit pack
17% (3 votes)
Only Carrier map pack
0% (0 votes)
Both Carrier map pack & Mustang Unit pack
5% (1 votes)
Both Volcano Island map pack & Mustang Unit pack
0% (0 votes)
Both Carrier map pack & Volcano Island map pack
0% (0 votes)
All three of them.
29% (5 votes)

Total : 17

Poll created on: 06-Mar-11 20:59:32

Who owns the DLC ?

I wondered if the DLC available for BS:P were really used among other players so here I am...

Three DLCs are available for Battlestations: Pacific.

-Volcano Island map pack, including two new maps.

-Mustang Unit pack, adding the P-51 Mustang, the Liz bomber, the Kuma-class Torpedo variant, the Alaska-class cruiser and both the Montana and Super Yamato-class battleships.

-Carrier map pack, giving four new maps.

I personally took the Mustang unit pack and the carrier map pack, and I don't regret it, the maps are very cool and the units are great additions to the game. The Volcano map pack doesn't seems like a good deal since the little additions it gives to the game...

Also, the result of this test will help me to know what should be released from the mod I'm doing...(I won't release anything for the Carrier map pack if nobody use it, for example...)

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Re: Who owns the DLC ?

I own all of them, as I have voted.

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Re: Who owns the DLC ?

Could anyone who owns the dlcs upload the files to the site, eidos moade the "poor" very suffering

i came up with an ad idea:


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Re: Who owns the DLC ?

they can put it at the intro movie

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  • N_Trainz : Legendary Da: Its now live on Moddb and here is the link, requires a Batlestations Midway game to be installed to work «link» - midway - skinpack/addons/international - bsm - collection - light - version Enjoy
  • Runsva : are we still talikg about the zyy modding pack??
  • N_Trainz : Yeah I wanted to do this, but the installers were being a pain giving me errors about something. I finally got it working, and just figured out how to make the updater now since it'll be two parts with one containing the misc files and the other mostly the mpak files. It'll be a stand - alone DLC mod just like the Bismarck Mission Pack was. Like I said I plan to have it all completed and uploaded by this weekend
  • Legendary Da : No, no, not problem at all; I am already grateful that you were thinking about this subject, I can wait as long as you need to. Thanks for the help (again), and feel no need to rush this subject; we all know that the life comes first. :)
  • N_Trainz : Hope you won't mind the wait, it'll be worth it if you ask me, and yes I do understand that you can't download due to that cap Mege has. I heard the PM was down, but haven't tried it as I been busy helping the BSmodHQ team with things and then those that are life - in - general.
  • N_Trainz : To Legendary Da: I been trying to work on that actually, what I'm experiencing is the pack size> I already made it a light version of the mod, so hopefully this weekend maybe, might be sooner
  • Legendary Da : To N_Trainz: So, um... I can't exactly download from Mega for some reason; so could u upload that mod to Moddb? I am sorry for making extra work for you, and I TOTALLY understand if u can't upload it again; so, do as you want; I just wanted to say somehow I couldn't dl the mod (btw, why isn't the PM working?). U don't have to post the link either; I'll find it from the site if u upload it. Thanks whatever u do, and so sorry for the extra wish. :/
  • Runsva : Anyone there??
  • Runsva : That is on the zyy modding pack v1.0.3 forum.
  • Runsva : If that hepls...
  • Runsva : The link that I donloaded from is the one message before the last one on page 4 on this forum because all the others are for some reason down.
  • YamatoFavor : Zyy eh... doubt I installed successfully and seems like I lost the build
  • Axis_Crusher : Well I am aware of that mod, but I've never installed it. I'll ask around if I can find someone that successfully installed it.
  • Runsva : The zyy modding pack v1.0.3
  • Axis_Crusher : Just so we're on the same page which mod are you trying to install?
  • Runsva : Game*
  • Runsva : Do i need to make a copy of my gamr folder like Battlestations Midway?
  • Runsva : No I didn't install it into a separate directory, it is in steamapps - - > common like any other steam game.
  • Runsva : pls help me fix it i really want to play this mod :D
  • Runsva : and i copied every file to the mpak folder in the bsp directory, and when i try to run it it just crahes onthe main menu screen

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