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Iron Bottom Sound

Iron Bottom Sound

Map: Quadacanal

Story: The allies hit the turning point of the Pacific war when the U.S broke the Japanese communications using MAGIC and won a decisive battle at Midway. The allies planned an attack on Quadancal and take a airfeild the Japs were working on. Japanese level bombers could use this Airfeild on Australia and bomb the living hell outta them. The U.S planned a diversion attack on Makin to divert Japanese attention from Quadacanal onto their refueling island. Weeks later the Allies quickly pushed in took the airfeild but not the surrounding jungles and mountains. Days later "Pistol Pete" started raining shells on the airfeild and Japanese forces banzaied the airfeild without success. The Japanese used a merchant route "Tokyo Express" to supply Japanese forces. Large naval battles took place of the coast of Quadacanal and many ships were sunk in "Iron Bottom Sound." Whoever controlled the sea could mount heavy defenses or heavy bombardments and so the battle begins.

Units U.S:

Slot 1:Airfeild,BB,DD,DD
Slot 2:CV,CA,DD,DD
Slot 3:CA,CL,DD,DD
Slot 4:BB,CL,DD,DD

BBs: New York Class
CV: Yorktown Class
DD: Fletcher Class
CL:Atlanta Class
CA:Nothampton Class
Airfeild: 30 P-38s, 30 Devastors, 30 Dauntlesses
CV Planes: 30 Wildcats, 30 Avengers, 30 Dauntlesses

Unit IJN:

Slot 5:CV,CA,DD,DD
Slot 6:BB,CL,DD,DD
Slot 7:BB,CL,DD,DD
Slot 8:CV,CL,DD,DD

CV:Hiryu Class
BB:Fuso Class
CA:Mogami Class
CV:Kiso Class
DD:Fubuki Class


US: 1. Destroy IJN CVs
      2. One US key unit must survive (CV,Airfeild)

IJN: 1. Destroy US Airfeild and CV
      2. One IJN key unit must survive (CVs)

feel free to comment ab give me ideas bout ships and stuff i got stumped on cruiser balance

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Re: Iron Bottom Sound

Change the airfield p-30s to wildcats, up untill they got full controll it was mostly wildcats there.

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