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Iwo Jima Map

Iwo Jima Map

Ok. Guys, I've come with a plan to make a map for BSM... A big one.
I know we already have 2 packs, and our community must be about 200 people big,
or something like that. Also, we're in 2013, so everything in this game shouts
"DEAD", but we still play in GameRanger and some other services, so maybe it's
worth the effort.
I know how to mod, but for the size and complexity of this map, I'd need help.
Ready? Ok.

Iwo Jima.

I know IJ was mainly a land battle, but extensive air battles for the air superiority
and shelling before the attack occured. Also, after a lot of research I know exactly which task forces
and which ships were in the battle... So here we go.

I think the entire battle could go in two steps: the shelling and the landing.
The US would have the four task groups, the seven battleships and the lot of carriers,
cruisers and destroyers they really had. Now, that's a LOT of ships, and a lot of planes,
so against it the IJN will be equipped with many planes. I mean, a fucking SHITLOAD of planes.
IJ had 7 airstrips, so these airstrips can have 4 hangars each, and each player controls 4
hangars (two in each airstrip).
Also, a lot of shipyards.
In addition to that, the island's beaches will be full of heavy fortresses (MANY HEAVY fortresses, in many levels,
with huge guns and long range) and absolutely covered by AA guns. Those defences must be extremely extensive
and powerful, since they are the only thing against the landing boats and shelling battleships.

The US must destroy those defences before sending the boats, or they'll be sunken. The air supperiority
is absolutely japanese, to keep balance (even if we have to give only 2 squads for each carrier or something
like that) so the battleships will be in a rush to do the shelling before the torpedoes
overcome their air defences.

You guys got the idea. Now here comes the problems.

1-Is it posible to work with transports and LSTs in MP? Not sure about the LSTs.

2-Is it possible to work with LCVPs in MP? Most important part. How does it work? If the
transports can't spawn LCVPs, they can be spawned near the transports, giving some
of the possible realism.

3-How is the transport/landing thingy made in MP?

4-The team balance will be a real problem. The task forces were truly huge, so the japanese
airpower must be BIG, and the coastal guns, strong.

5-Would it be possible to simulate land advances? Maybe programmed (or controlable) props (even though
I don't thing controllable would be possible), represdenting the USMC? I've seen some of them in the second
campaign mission, and they were destroyable. I know props can fight back, but if we can do props fight props,
we can program a true land battle, with the random factor (crew experiences) and american superiority to ensure
the victory (as long as they can LAND and PROTECT the marines!)

6-People. Lots of it. People to help me with it and people to play it!
I need help with the heightmaps, scripts, unit placement, whatever you can think of.
Together we could make a map Eidos would be jealous of ag


--Iwo Jima US Forces--

Task Group 58.1, Rear Admiral Joseph J. Clark

Hornet (Essex Class)
Wasp (Essex Class)
Bennington (Essex Class)
Belleau Wood  (Independence Class)

Massachusetts (South Dakota Class)
Indiana (Indiana Class)

Vincennes (Cleveland Class)
Miami (Cleveland Class)
San Juan  (Atlanta Class)

15 destroyers

Task Group 58.2, Rear Admiral Ralph E. Davison

San Jacinto (Independence Class)


San Francisco

19 destroyers

Task Group 58.3, Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman

Essex (Essex Class)
Bunker Hill
Cowpens (Independence Class)

South Dakota
New Jersey 


14 destroyers

Task Group 58.4, Rear Admiral Arthur W. Radford

Langley (Independence Class)
Cabot  (Independence Class)

North Carolina 

Santa Fe
San Diego 

17 destroyers 

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Re: Iwo Jima Map

It is not a bad concept at all. For my mod I already made the MP map Iwo Jima

Basically the US fleet has a few BB, DD, CA and CL with the support of four CVE launching Corsairs. The Japanese have the airfields, shipyards and very heavy land based artillery. The Japanese must destroy the Battleships while the US has to destroy all Iwo's land based defenses (heavy flak guns as well as 16" land based batteries)

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Re: Iwo Jima Map

That looks great! Suribachi mount too. But, to be honest I've never heard of your mod. How's the progress? What's it about?

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Re: Iwo Jima Map

Well it's been in development for just over 2 years now. You can find all related details on this topic: … sp-t3.html

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Re: Iwo Jima Map

awesome ag

If You want to help Our team to be good then join us!

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