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Both side's subs have differences, so I wanted to find out who has the edge in underwater warfare.

USA: Their subs are fairly forgiving, having torpedo tubes in the back in case you overshoot your target or dealing with multiple ships at once. They have two artillery guns on deck, allowing it to be useful for capturing supply bases and taking out transport ships if torpedo tubes are expended. The Gato class has more torpedo supplies and faster compared to Japanese Subs.


    Get's 2 artillery guns.
    Gato has speed and torpedoes.
    Tubes forward and back.

Japanese: Their subs have ALL of the torpedo tubes pointed forward, making it useful if dealing with heavy ships that needs sinking fast, but would require fancy maneuvering if a ship gets behind you, and the I-400 isn't known for it's maneuverability. Both Type B and I-400 has seaplanes, which has bombs, making up for it's single artillery gun and increases it's range, gives cover from depth charge planes, and allowing strikes on supply bases and transport vessels. (Type B has Jakes, geared up with a pair of 250kg bombs, while the I-400 gets Seiran, which has a 800kg bomb, allowing it to act like a dive bomber if necessary, plus it has 3 guns, 2 forward and 1 back, compared to other seaplane's 2 guns, and letting it serve as a interceptor against unescorted Skytrains. 

    Has Seaplanes.
    Forward torpedo tubes.
    I-400 gets to hang out at crush depth longer, plus has decent AA compared to other subs as a bonus.

So overall, they seem fairly balanced, USA gets a pair of artillery pieces for surface work, Japan get's seaplanes with bombs to make up for having one artillery piece (though seaplanes require command points), different torpedo tube layouts for different ways of engagements, etc. So does it just depend on the user's preferred play-style, or is there something I'm missing out?

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Re: Submarines

Nope pretty much preferred play style. For me I prefer the US as you get stern tubes and helps alot if a destroyer is on your tail. I also much prefer to stay submerged as long as possible so its my preferred choice. Even as IJN I almost never use the seaplanes.

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Re: Submarines

I used the subs bit more in skirmish, and I thought the Gato seems better at sinking ships in a battlegroup thanks to it's large supply of torpedoes and tube layout, as you can sail into the middle of the group, sink or damage any ship you can using both forward and stern tubes, and let a battleship/cruiser group mop up the ships that survived, while the I-400 is more of a siege sub, as it can hang out next to a shipyard and fire at any that spawns, with its 8 forward tubes and can loiter longer than Gato as it has more air, plus it can escape to crush depth and stay there longer.

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