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So I recently got the "Volcano" map pack and I went to check out the shore guns on island capture skirmish. I shot it at one of my destroyers to see what it does. It took off much of it's health, so now I'm wondering what it's damage is compared to battleship guns, so is there a chart or something I can see for comparison?

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Re: Batteries

I think those are battleship grade cannons, so probably comparable amounts of damage.

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Re: Batteries

It seemed to do more damage than even Super Yamato's cannon rounds, as one shell took off about 3/4 of the destroyer's health, but has a range of about 1.6 miles or so, similar to lesser battleships like Kongo.

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Re: Batteries

I checked the stats on the ammunition and can note the following comparison between the Battery and Yamato guns:

Yamato 18.1" Shell
-Minimum damage: 300
-Maximum damage: 330
-Range: 3300
-Muzzle velocity: 300
-Mass: 25

There's actually 2 types of battery ammunition it seems so I'll list them by in game names

Huge Battery DLC Shell:
-Minimum damage: 1500
-Maximum damage: 2000
-Range: 3200
-Muzzle velocity: 400
-Mass: 25

Huge Battery Long Range Shell
-Minimum damage: 500
-Maximum damage: 400
-Range: 10000
-Muzzle velocity: 300
-Mass: 25

Judging by the effects I saw on the AWP map I made (Iwo Jima) using the Battery I'm inclined to say Huge Battery DLC Shell is the one used. I'm not too sure about this so-called long range version. It is perhaps an unused ammunition.

I did more digging.
Huge Battery DLC Shell is the ammunition type used by the gun called Huge Battery - Open which is the one I used on my Iwo Jima map and in the Road to Hawaii  maps.

Huge Battery - Turret seems to be using a device called Huge Battery Turret (Iowa 16'' 3X) and uses the ammuniton Huge Battery Long Range Shell. For the record the model for the turret is the exact same model Iowa uses. You pretty much have an Iowa turret on land with just slightly less than 3x the range.

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