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MAP: Twin Cities

TIME: 1947

KIND OF MAP: Alternate history

STORY: The Japanese fleet showed up on the morning of Sept. 5, 1946 and invaded the Panama Canal and conquered all the way up to Mexico City. Another invasion force known as Force 10 traveled through the canal with Fuso BB escort. Their fleet was 2 Fuso Class, 1 Soryu Class, 4 Tone Class, 6 Fubuki Class, and 7 LSTs. After the Invasion of Louisiana months earlier Force 10 was tasked with traveling up the Mississippi River and invade the Twin Cities. They bombarded any cities they passed with CA and DD fire (to conserve Fuso class ammo) and sunk any transport they saw. Upon arriving inside Minnesota's borders scouts traveling from conquered Canada spotted an American BB flotilla in the River ready to engage. Japanese bombers cleared a way through the river by bombing every bridge and every lock they came to. When they entered the Twin City area the enemy fleet was stronger than enticipated...

Units US:

Slot 1: BB,DD,Shipyard,CA,Shipyard
Slot 2: BB,CA,DD,Airfeild,CL
Slot 3: CL,CL,DD,DD,DD
Slot 4: CA,CL,DD,DD,DD


Airfeild ( 45 of every aircraft but B-25s... Buffalos, Devastators, only 25 B-25s)

Shipyard: ( 30 PTs, 8 Narwhal Class subs)

Shipyard 2: (20 PTs, 12 PBY Catalinas)

BB: New York Class

CA: Northampton Class

DD: Allen M Sumner Class (if u can get it tipsy), Clemson Class ( 5 Clemson, 3 Allen Sumner)

CL: Atlanta Class

Units IJN:


feel free to edit ^^ (ps: to all u guys asking 4 a draft i cant get one up so ill ask sum1 to get one for sydney harbor and this one ^^)


Soryu Class (35 of each aircraft... Zeroes, Vals, Kates)

BB: Fuso Class

CA: Tone Class

DD: Fubuki Class


OBJECTIVES: US: Destroy Jap CVs and LSTs
                         Make sure key units survive ( USS New York (only US BB as key unit) and Shipyards and Airfeild)
IJN: Destroy US Aifeild and Shipyards and USS New York
      One key unit must survive ( CV, LSTs)
      Make sure at least one LST lands on beaches of St. Paul and Minneapolis (basically yellow lines but thtll just b added in game prob u guys get the point and dont need it on draft ^^)

feel free to comments share your opinion ill ask some1 to get a draft up 4 sydney harbor and this one...

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Here you go.

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THX lol thts a lot of ships! perfect replica of the river cuz it twist and turns all around minnesota...looks great! wut do u think of map itself?

o wait the first city is 2 close to the jap fleet and ther are no defenses around it... sorry but can u move the second city up right across the river from other city? cuz right wen map starts jap players will just send a LST and all ready conquer one city withouth any casualties

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This would be a first time id give a map a thumbs down, simple cause you expect a fleet to fight in a narrow river way with that many ships it would be a total chaos and too move a fleet through this narrow river would cause them to run into each other. a single subs torpedo salvo would always have at least a 75% hit ratio with that many ships in there.

Not only that the narrow river way makes it difficult for Japanese ships to properly counter an air strike by moving there ships broadside towards incoming aircraft.

In short, this map is far to in favor of American forces, the landmass has to be altered or make the river 2x or 3x wider to give Japanese any glimmer of hope in wining.

roflcopter wrote:

DD: Allen M Sumner Class (if u can get it tipsy), Clemson Class ( 5 Clemson, 3 Allen Sumner)

It can be done, but I don't want to get ahead of myself on this one, since it would require altering the global files which would represent a similar problem on adding maps, if you don't got the right version of the ship you wont be able to play that map. Until we fully decide to add new units, lets try to hold back on adding units that you would like to see.

Also the Sumner class I have shown isn't a final new ship that can be added anywhere, doesn't have the proper stat changes and what not, which would required through testing.

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ok ill just scratch tht idea then... cuz no matter wut we do with map its gonna b in favor of jap or us somehow... o well...

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