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Battle of New Georgia

Battle of New Georgia

Name- Invasion of New Georgia

Map Kind- 3 main islands of New Georgia, Histroical Map (actually happened)

Story- After finishing the Quadalcanal campaign General MacArthur wanted to invade Rabaul. The plan was rejected because of a shortage of landing craft. Instead the Allies would take the Japanese airfeild on New Georgia and bomb Rabaul to dust. They would also use the airfeild to cut off supplies to Rabaul and sink any ship carrying reinforcements to prevent an Allied invasion. The plan was to invade the main islands of New Georgia simultaneously and force the Japanese air reinforcements from attacking in larger numbers on one invasion force. With the U.S fleet just beyond the shores and the carriers Hornet and Enterprise just in eyesight the invasion began. Japan was just able to get some reinforcements to New Georgia (they didn't actually get any reinforcements but I'm making the map fair). With the battle beginning each side used forces wisely. Each side would fight for every inch of New Georigian soil with every force they had.




BB- Iowa Class
CV- Yorktown Class (30 Wildcats, 30 Avengers, 30 Dauntlesses each)
CA- Northampton Class
CL- Atlanta Class
DD- 50% Clemson, 50% Fletcher
AK- LST landing ship

Objectives -
Sink the Japanese CV, BBs, and destroy the Airfeild
One key unit must survive (LSTs,CVs,BB)
Atleast one LST must land on every island to succeed in conquering the island (doesn't mean you win, you conquer the island and you still have to destroy the Japanese key units)




BB- Kongo Class
CV- Soryu Class (30 Zeroes, 30 Vals, 30 Kates)
Airfeild - 30 Oscars, 30 Vals, 30 Kates
DD- Minekaze Class
CA- Tone Class
CL- Kuma Class (not Torpedo Cruiser one)

Sink the US LSTs, CVs, and BB
One key unit must survive (CV,BBs, Airfeild)

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Re: Battle of New Georgia

Nice idea, however, japan has a little too much firepower. Just my opinion. But I do like the map.

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