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What is your best Midway moment on Mappacks 1 and 2?

What is your best Midway moment on Mappacks 1 and 2?

I don't have any personally. Heck, haven't even played them. My game broke back in July and I have been controlled by schoowork and sports so I haven't gotten a new game. So, I thought I would find out the suspense in these new maps. ab

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Re: What is your best Midway moment on Mappacks 1 and 2?

Earlier, I was playing Wolf Pack.  One minute, my fleet oiler is hit by 4 torpedoes.  Its's virtually on it's last leg as it takes on a heavy list.  As the last of the water that could be pumped out was pumped out, I thought I was going to make it...when suddenly I was hit by another wave of torpedoes.  Wasn't so lucky that time.  That has been my most suspenseful moment playing this game this far.

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Re: What is your best Midway moment on Mappacks 1 and 2?

Cape Engano - good action. I play using 2 USA CV. Yamato is dead, New Jersey too. Japs lost all Airfields and also Kaga carrier. My teammate on Lexington is not so smart, he easy lost his carrier by light ships (DD, CL and CA) they coming for my last 2 carriers (last american key units). No more ships for USA.

I destroyed Takao earlier, also Mogami is damaged hard, but destroyers and light cruises are close to my CVs. Im trying to destroy these ligh shipos bt they are too close, and they opened fire against Wasp and Enterprise. I have some squad in the skies, and i see all my teammates choosed Surrender and waiting for me. I decided to leave these light ships, all bombers against Mogami (last japanese key unit). When i dive i hear that one of carriers is sinking, but they are busy using artillery so my bombers succesfully attacking Mogami and they are still alive. Hit, another and third. Mogami is sinking. We won. Probably 10 secs more and my last CV would also be sunk. I dont know it was Wasp or Enterprise, because they managed one of them to sink. But no time to check which one ag

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Re: What is your best Midway moment on Mappacks 1 and 2?

There was this game on Engano where I was playing as the Japs. My team mates managed to lure the New Jersey into the islands with the cruisers and Yamato made a charge for the carriers and sank all of them, although I took damage down to half of my health bar due to constant harass by the Avengers. Harassment by the destroyers reduce the Yamato to around 1/6 of its life. All other ships were sunk except for the Houston (at 1/3 life) and New Jersey (barely damaged) on the American side and all the airfields and Kaga (2/3 life) plus the Yamato (1/4 life after recovery). During the big action prior to the sinking of the carriers, I expended all my fighters and the Americans nearly expended all their strike planes and fighters, largely due to anti aircraft fire. However, somehow the enemy had forgotten about my Kates, and that I launched them against the New Jersey, which was chasing the Yamato northwards, came to them as a shock. Wave after wave of Kates made their mark on the New Jersey, who was down to 1/6 life and as they move in closer to the airfields, I sank the Houston with air planes and I ran out of Kates, so it went down to New Jersey and the Yamato. At the last minute, Yamato managed to sneak in and took a few shots at the New Jersey before the guns of New Jersey were able to turn from their attack on the airfields to the Yamato. My team won.

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Re: What is your best Midway moment on Mappacks 1 and 2?

Wolfpack. Slowly discover that map and start to convince her. I voted to add her for mappack 2 (there was discussion about add or no) but I though, it will be nice gift for all these guys, who loves submarines, and launching them from shipyards on Solomon Islands. But not my personal favourite ag

Now me and some of my teammates, we  like Wolfpack more and more.

Good action. Im submariner, two our subs left, we destroyed 5 AKs. Both our subs coming for last AK (sixth), my teammate is closer, he launching torps and hitting AK, Just seconds after they got him with  depth charges bombs. I have about 50% of life, coming to damaged AK close, there is about 4 DD escorting her. I'm balancing on level 3,5 to stay invisible and when i came close i started to go to lvl 1 to launch torps. When I emerge they see me on sonar and starting to drop some deptch charges very close. I launched torps from 0.3 distance and when i plunged my sub again i see their depth charges exploding so close and takes my life. Torps coming to AK. When i was on lvl 3,5 again with only 10 % of life i can hear 2 hits - it's enough for damaged AK We won!

But next my Wolfpack and similar situation and I failed ab

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  • Mokeo67 : Also I saw on the forum that ships have unused platform slots. How do I use these?
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  • Axis_Crusher : I assume you are talking about the bonus units that you unlock for certain missions by completing previous ones (like the B - 25’s in the 2nd Battle of Guadalcanal). The bonus units are unlocked by completing certain objectives in the campaign - so that is linked to your campaign progress. Since that cannot be altered you must look at the missiontree.lua file. This is where the unit will show up unlocked on the mission screen. There are references to allunitslock. Also you will have to edit the
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