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Battlestations series creators went to the bottom

Battlestations series creators went to the bottom

In November we wrote about the exemptions that affected Beautiful Game Studios - the team working on the Championship Manager series. It turns out that there were only cut in the study as part of Square Enix.

In an interview with Develop site Phil Rogers (Head of the European branch of Square Enix) confirmed that the studio Eidos Hungary (Battlestations series creator) has been closed. Interestingly, this happened in October last year, and only now has admitted to that. The reason the decision was not dissatisfaction with the performance of this team. Just found that the addition of the leading RTS (and this is a specialized team) would be extremely difficult and expensive. Even the considerable resources invested in this did not guarantee success and the company decided it was not worth trying.

The news is another chapter in the history of this very confusing studies and the people working there. It all began on the occasion of the Imperium Galactica III. His creation of the publisher decided not to hire Digital Reality (the authors of the previous two parts), but philos Labs. During the production cycle, most philos Labs employees left the company and founded his own studio, which they called Mithis Games. Philos could not weakened to continue the project, and he was suspended. CDV (the then publisher of the game) decided to look for another company who would be able to complete the production. The choice fell on, how could otherwise Mithis Games. In the meantime, changed the title game at the Andromeda Galaxy. However, the CDV experienced financial troubles and eventually took the decision on deletion of this project.

But it was not the end of the story. Developers looking for a new publisher and found it in HD Interactive, allowing the production of the Andromeda Galaxy can continue. Ultimately, the game was released as the Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. Melodrama with Mithis lasted, however, at best. Even before the studio was hired to finish work started on the Nexus Midway - a realistic strategy of war, which this assumption would be prettier counterpart in the Harpoon series of World War II. Until the completion of The Jupiter Incident project is suspended. When he finally resumed, the creators decided to radically change the concept and the game (now called already Battlestations: Midway), transformed into the arcade with light elements of the strategy. There is, however, studies were saved by the final closing in April 2006. At that time also worked Mithis Joint Task Force. People involved in the reorganization of its production in the Most Wanted Entertainment and, ultimately, a finite game released in September of that year. Today the studio is involved in the creation of small titles for mobile phones and NDS.

The production of Battlestations: Midway has taken over the internal Eidos studio, which a lot of people have joined the original team. In the meantime, still remains Mithis accused its former publisher of stealing source code. In the end the game finally came out in early 2007 from the blissful peace prevailed, and last year released a new part of the series entitled Battlestations: Pacific. Now, with the closure of Eidos Hungary started by creating a soap opera Mithis Games came to an end.
The first version of Midway.


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Re: Battlestations series creators went to the bottom

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