Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.

"New Units" video idea

"New Units" video idea

With the success of creating new units, this will eventually lead to map pack three.  As many of the regular visitors here know, EST_PL makes videos of Midway in action... sometimes they are just little things of him playing with friends and having fun, but other times he has released actual preview videos of our maps and map packs.  I have helped him before with this, with my script for his Operation: Ten-Go trailer.  Now, I have asked to help him again and I have been "unofficially commissioned" (as I like to put it) to come up with a preview script for a "new units" preview.

(NOTE: if you are not EST_PL, then you really don't HAVE to read beyond this point, because it doesn't concern anyone else for now)

Scene 1: black baground, with these words:

January 2007:
Battlestations: Midway, a real-time strategy game, was released

(Scene then cuts to either the picture we see on game box OR in-game action, your choice of map EST)

It came with 29 historically accurate warships, and 22 historically accurate planes (NOTE: The warship count does NOT include AKs or LSTs, and plane counts does not include Kingfisher or DC-3, since we didn't find those until later)

(Montage of ships.  Videos OR pictures will work)

(Starts with PTs, works up.  Name of class appears beneath each unit)

Shot of Elco PT probably from Vella Gulf, then shot of Japanese PT, also from Vella Gulf

Then shots of the Narwhal class, Japanese Type B class and Type A midget sub (Under Midget sub name, in parenthesis: unplayable unit)

Then two more shots: one of Fletcher and Clemson together (to keep video a little shorter... but you can do two separate pictures if you want), another of Minekaze and Fubuki (Again... two separate pictures are also option)

Shots of all light cruisers (Atlanta, Cleveland, De Ruyter and Kuma) (Under De Ruyter, in parenthesis: unplayable unit)

shots of Heavy cruisers (York, Northampton, Takao, Mogami, Tone)

Shots of battleships (King George V, New York, Repulse, Kongo, Fuso and Yamato)

Shots of Carriers: (Lexington, Yorktown, Hermes, Akagi and Soryu) (Under Hermes: Unplayable unit)

then switch to planes:

shots of the fighters (P-40 Warhawk, F2A Buffalo, F4F Wildcat, Hawker Hurricane) (Under Hurricane: Unplayable unit)

shots of divebombers: (SBD Dauntless, D3A Val, D4Y Judy)

shots of torpedo bombers (TBD Devastator, TBF Avenger, Fairey Swordfish, B5N Kate)

Shots of level bombers: (B-17 Flying fortress, B-25 Mitchell, G3M Nell, G4M Betty)

shots of recon planes: (PBY Catalina, H6K Mavis, H8K Emily, E13A Jake, F1M Pete)

after montage

Later, the Iowa mission Pack gave us 4 more units, and the Midget sub was finally playable

(Using Sibuyan Sea, shots of Iowa, P-38 Lightning, J1N Gekko, and Shimakaze, with class names underneath).

(Another black screen)

Eventually, interest in Midway slowly faded, as did the chance of any more new units.

(second screen) but...

(fades, then third writing)

In late 2010, the Midway Modders finally figured out the key to making new units, and now they are proud to present Midway's newest units:

(Start with lightest ships, then work up.  With each picture, name of class is with it)

(after montage of new ships)

These new units are only availible in one place:

(fades, then)

Midway Modders Map Pack Three

Availible for download at


I can also come up with previews for Map Pack three in general (not just focusing on the new units) and the individual maps if you want.  All you have to do is ask EST.

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  • N_Trainz : No it was created by multiple authors from around the world. I just made it so its actually a mod instead of a complete game that's about 7GB in size. The readme file that is displayed can give you more info about the mod
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  • N_Trainz : If you need any other help, just shout out and I'll try to get back as soon as possible
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  • N_Trainz : Legendary Da: Here it is, installers works this time and Moddb won't accept it as they say its too large to upload, so its on my Google Drive and here is the link, hope you enjoy it «link»
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  • Legendary Da : Thanks soo much for the mod, I couldn't access to the Internet lately so I couldn't write a reply. Btw, the mod is removed from ModDB, is it taken down, or you removed it yourself? Either way, thanks for the awesome work (at least for providing it) :D
  • N_Trainz : What game and mod are you dealing with?
  • Runsva : Can someone PLEASE help me i can't install anything on my game it just keeps crashing!!
  • N_Trainz : Legendary Da: Its now live on Moddb and here is the link, requires a Batlestations Midway game to be installed to work «link» - midway - skinpack/addons/international - bsm - collection - light - version Enjoy
  • Runsva : are we still talikg about the zyy modding pack??
  • N_Trainz : Yeah I wanted to do this, but the installers were being a pain giving me errors about something. I finally got it working, and just figured out how to make the updater now since it'll be two parts with one containing the misc files and the other mostly the mpak files. It'll be a stand - alone DLC mod just like the Bismarck Mission Pack was. Like I said I plan to have it all completed and uploaded by this weekend
  • Legendary Da : No, no, not problem at all; I am already grateful that you were thinking about this subject, I can wait as long as you need to. Thanks for the help (again), and feel no need to rush this subject; we all know that the life comes first. :)
  • N_Trainz : Hope you won't mind the wait, it'll be worth it if you ask me, and yes I do understand that you can't download due to that cap Mege has. I heard the PM was down, but haven't tried it as I been busy helping the BSmodHQ team with things and then those that are life - in - general.
  • N_Trainz : To Legendary Da: I been trying to work on that actually, what I'm experiencing is the pack size> I already made it a light version of the mod, so hopefully this weekend maybe, might be sooner
  • Legendary Da : To N_Trainz: So, um... I can't exactly download from Mega for some reason; so could u upload that mod to Moddb? I am sorry for making extra work for you, and I TOTALLY understand if u can't upload it again; so, do as you want; I just wanted to say somehow I couldn't dl the mod (btw, why isn't the PM working?). U don't have to post the link either; I'll find it from the site if u upload it. Thanks whatever u do, and so sorry for the extra wish. :/

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