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Battlestations: Midway - Ship Tactics

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While not all maps contain aircraft and fewer still contain submarines, there is only one map in the entire game, both single player and multiplayer, that lacks ships (that map is Air Superiority at Luzon).

Warships come in several shapes and sizes, each of which has with a two-letter designation which reflect what kind of ship it is.


Abbreviation Type
DD Destroyer
CL Light Cruiser
CA Heavy Cruiser
BB Battleship
CV Aircraft Carrier
AK Cargo Ship
PT Patrol Boat
SS Submarine
LST Landing Ship (Tank)
LCP Landing Craft (Personnel)

A short demo of ship-to-ship warfare in Battlestations: Midway


Moving and looking

The helm of a ship. Note the arrow pointing upwards above the wheel - this gives the position of your rudder.

Use the move controls to look around your ship. This is identical to how you aim.

Pressing the accelerate key will slide the bar on the side of the helm to the top of the screen - pressing decelerate will move it down. There are four speeds which the ship operates at:

  • Full: The ship will move as fast as it can.
  • Half: The ship will move at half speed.
  • Stop: The ship will stop.
  • Back: The ship will start to move backwards.

 The rudder controls will steer your ship. If you've played racing games before, your ship's rudder works almost identically to a racecar's front wheels - they steer the ship left and right. It should be noted, however, that with the notable exception of PT boats, a ship's rudder will maintain a turn until you correct it (or if the computer takes over). Be sure, therefore, to watch your direction of travel and that you don't accidentally bump into land, which causes a small amount of damage to your ship. PT boats' rudders snap back to their neutral state when not turning, making PT boats more like cars than other warships.


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