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Battlestations: Midway - Aircraft Tactics

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Aircraft are the most powerful units in the game given their high attacking power and high speed. Players have complete control of an aircraft, with all the abilities one would expect from a flight simulator, including pitch, yaw, and roll control. In this sense it controls similarly to the Ace Combat series of flight arcade shooters; it is only semi-realistic. Aircraft sport an infinite number of ammunition (bombs and torpedoes must be reloaded at an airbase or carrier), G-forces do not affect the pilot, and all planes carry infinite fuel. Unlike Ace Combat, however, planes cannot take much punishment before going down, and in a fight between two ships and an aircraft, chances are the warships will shoot the plane down (but perhaps not before the plane drops its torpedo).

Any plane can be used as a fighter if they are sent up unequipped with bombs. Some planes are better than others, but bombs negatively affect all plane's fight performance, so either drop them or send them up without bombs before trying to use them as dogfighters.
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