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Battlestations: Midway - Playable US Navy/Royal Navy warships

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The United States uses tougher but slower ships in their campaigns. The heaviest unit in the game, unfortunately, goes to the Japanese - at least until the Iowa mission expansion.

Playable Warships:


  • Elco PT Boats
  • Clemson class
  • Fletcher class
  • Atlanta class
  • Cleveland class
  • Northampton class
  • York class
  • King George V class
  • Renown class
  • New York class
  • Iowa class
  • Lexington class
  • Yorktown class
  • Narwhal class
The USN features generally tougher units. A lot more of the USN is playable since you play them throughout the campaign.There are descriptions and technical details for USNavy/Royal Navy ships.

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