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Midway Multiplayer - Understand the Raid on Truk

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American Objectives

Destroy the Japanese installations (three airfields and two shipyards)

Japanese Objectives

Sink the American carriers (USS Enterprise and USS Bunker Hill)

Sink battleship USS West Virginia

This battle is an awesome sea/air battle, for allied side it's a conquering game, they must attack and destroy japanese installations, the Allied ships are coming from many directions, players on Japanese side must defend these installations and be ready for many sneaky raids. In some places, there are Japanese defense installations like coastal guns and fortresses. They are really powerful, in fact on Raid on Truk you face up against the most powerful defense installations in any multiplayer map of BSM. The map contains many new textures for planes, ships and installations. Also the environment is changed. Together with new sounds, the final effect is really good. But sometimes too hard to understand, how to play the map right.

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