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Midway Multiplayer - The invasion of Port Moresby

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Allied Objectives

Sink all three japanese heavy cruisers and carrier

Japanese Objectives

Destroy the Allied installations (two airfields and shipyard).

Sink battlecruiser Renown.

This battle is a very interesting sea/air battle, for the Japanese side it's to conquer the base, they must attack and destroy the Allied installations and the Britsh battleship (in fact - it was a battlecruser) Renown. Three interesting things on that map. First, the creators decided about completely remove american units, thanks to that all usable Allied units on map are marked as British, Australians and New Zealand. Therefore it's first Battlestations: Midway map, where you cannot see American ships and planes. Second - it's an interesting mix of units. Defenders have the most powerful entity on the map, British battleship Renown, which is able to easy overcome every opponent unit in the individual duel. And third - map contains many new textures developped and used only here.

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