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Midway Multiplayer - Wolfpack

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Allied Objectives

Sink six japanese merchant ships (AK)

Japanese Objectives

Three of japanese merchant ships must surivive the battle (optionally reach the rally point) or

Sink all (eight) attacking allied submarines

This map has huge fans, but some people hate Wolfpack. It's a small and simple map, representing the blockade imposed by the US Navy's submarines during WW2 of Japan. American submarines sank 8,617,234 (2,345 ships) tons of Japanese merchant shipping above 500 tons, and 1,284,946( 259 ships) tons of shipping under 500 tons. Also the submarines contributed to the naval victory over Japan by sinking 1,966,521 (687 ships) tons of naval shipping.

In this map however 8 US submarines have ambushed a convoy of 8 Japanese DDs, escorting 8 merchant ships. The side that has more control over their respective commands will win this map. The US submarines must make through the protection of DDs and attack the merchant ships. If the Americans manage to sink 6 of 8 cargo ships, they will help complete the blockade over Japan and slowly neutralize Japanese resistance against the B-29s burning their cities down night by night. In order to prevent this, the Japanese destroyers must sink all the American submarines or escort the ships until they make it out of the ambush.

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