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Midway Multiplayer - Strike on Kwajalein

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Alied Objectives

Sink japanese cruisers Nachi and Tatsuda

Japanese Objectives

Sink all allied warships

Another map included in mappack 2, Strike on Kwajalein is one of smallest Battlestations Midway multiplayer maps. In fact, even Battle of Vella Gulf is a bigger, but has smaller distances. But Strike on Kwajalein is designed in such a way, that the player will have much fun on either side even with the small number of units. At the start of round, an massive allied air raid is coming in to attack the docked ships. This wave consists of about 30 Devastators, Avengers and SBDs attacking the Japanese ships without fighter cover. These planes are controlled by AI (artificial intelligence), so it means they are not as effective as a player, but can still damage japanese warships. How much damage is inflicted? It depends on the Japanese players.

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