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Battlestations: Pacific - Hidden objectives

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Complete the indicated task during the listed mission.

American missions

  1. Battle Of The Eastern Solomons:
    • Sink every Japanese ship in the area.
  2. Battle Of Cape Esperance:
    • Eliminate the southern escaping convoy.
  3. Battle Of Santa Cruz :
    • Sink a battleship from the Vanguard Force.
    • Destroy all enemy ships on under the Veteran difficulty (Achievement).
  4. Defense Of Henderson Field
    • Eliminate the destroyers Ikazuchi and Inazuma.
  5. First Battle Of Guadalcanal:
    • Sink the Hiei within five minutes.
  6. Second Battle Of Guadalcanal:
    • Destroy all three seaplanes stationed at Savo Island.
  7. Invasion Of Tarawa:
    • All anti-air guns are destroyed.
  8. Battle Of The Philippine Sea:
    • Achieve victory without the loss of USS Albacore.
  9. Divine Winds Of Leyte:
    • All fortresses have been bombed into the ground.
  10. Battle Of Cape Engano:
    • Destroy the Japanese transport convoy.
  11. Sub On Patrol:
    • Steal the Japanese recon plane.
  12. Air Raid Against Indochina:
    • Sink the convoy before it can escape.
    • Destroy the train with the exploding refinery (Achievement).
  13. Invading Iwo Jima
    • Protect all transport ships.
  14. Battle Of Okinawa
    • Prevent the Yamato from reaching the shore.

Japanese missions

  1. Attack On Pearl Harbor
    • Bomb the Neosho as it passes the California.
    • Destroy both Henry's ship and Donald's plane in Pearl Harbor (Achievement).
  2. Destruction Of Z force
    • Destroy the Repulse before the reinforcements arrive.
  3. Battle Of Java Sea
    • Prevent all the attacks on transports by sinking the destroyer Electra.
  4. Saving The Soho
    • Find and destroy the radar station.
  5. Invading Of Port Moresby
    • Keep hold of your bases.
  6. Hunt For The USS Hornet
    • Destroy all transport ships in the convoy.
  7. Invasion Of Midway
    • Disable the airfields by destroying all the fuel tanks.
  8. Defense Of Guadalcanal
    • None of the landing ships must reach the shore.
  9. Solomons Skirmish
    • Japanese battleships must be kept operational.
  10. Attack On Sydney's Harbour
    • Find the lost Japanese recon plane marked on the map as O-804.
    • Enter the hidden cave (Achievement)
  11. Seizing the Fijis
    • Spot the minefield with a recon plane.
  12. Meet The Germans
    • Sink at least one ship with both submarines.
    • Land in the sea with a flying boat or a seaplane (Achievement).
  13. The Road To Hawaii
    • Destroy the radio station and its defenses on the small island to the west.
  14. Invasion Of Hawaii
    • Send a recon plane to spot enemy submarines before attack.
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