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Battlestations Pacific - Mustang unit pack

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At 2nd July Eidos released The Mustang Pack, dropping a bunch of brand new units and more, straight into BS:P. Featuring six new units, the Mustang Pack allows you to customise your battles in both single and multiplayer modes even further.

Amongst the units, you'll be able to take to the skies in the legendary US P-51 Mustang bomber escort, a late entry to the Pacific campaign but one which made its mark in Europe as a deadly force; or control the seas with the US Navy’s Alaska Class, giving the upper hand with a large and heavily armed ‘cruiser killer’; or how about the Super Yamato Class, a huge behemoth of a ship which, had it left the drawing board, would have outclassed the Yamato in every way with the potential to be the most powerful battleship in history.


List and screenshots of units included in Mustang Unit Pack is listed below:


P-51 Mustang

Heavy cruiser Alaska

Super battleship Montana


GN5 Liz

Torpedo cruiser Kuma

Battleship Super Yamato

G5N Liz

  • For 100 points, this unit is the Japanese equivalent to the B-29 - similar, but ever so slightly different.
  • The G5N Liz retains the same speed as other Japanese bombers.
  • It also packs an excellent defensive armament – 20mm machine guns.
  • The Liz is stronger than a B-17 bomber but weaker than a B-29.
  • The Liz still remains the strongest Japanese heavy bomber.
  • Force Z can be destroyed even faster now.

P-51 Mustang

  • The P-51 Mustang is fast like a Corsair and maneuverable like a Hellcat. A deadly combination.
  • In almost every combat situation the Mustang is easy to fly even for a rookie pilot.
  • In the hands of an ace pilot however, the Mustang is an extremely deadly weapon.
  • Mustangs have mounts for two 200lbs bombs or six rockets (for anti-ship missions). Yes, they have six rockets.
  • Mustangs cannot stand the combined firepower of the Shindens though – be aware when you are making head-on passes against them.
  • The favorite dish of the Mustangs is the Ohka, along with its carrier. But they have also been known to chew on destroyers when equipped with rockets.
  • The cost? Only 100 points. A steal for air superiority like this!

Alaska Class

  • The Alaska costs 200 points - this baby is both powerful and BIG.
  • The Alaska is stronger than any of the other cruisers afloat – but her size does make for a slightly easier target.
  • With a top speed of 28 knots, she's similar to other heavy cruisers – but in terms of maneuverability behaves almost like a battleship.
  • The Alaska captures islands faster than other cruisers – just like a battleship.
  • A 12-inch shell fired by the Alaska does almost as much damage as a normal battleship shell, thanks to the excellent build quality of the gun and projectile. Here's a simple formula to explain that further: More damage = more fun.
  • The Alaska has the second best AA weaponry amongst the cruisers, the only better ship is the Atlanta, which while able to do serious damage to battleships and battlecruisers, lacks the armor protection for a direct engagement with enemy capital ships. Not so much a problem with the Alaska.
  • Despite being almost as big as a battleship, the Alaska counts as a heavy cruiser in BS:P – you can request and build one everywhere you have access to heavy cruisers.
  • You will almost certainly crack a smile when using the Alaska in single-player US missions.
  • Against them, anything will do – treat them like battleships with less endurance. And of course, as always, don’t forget the subs.

Kuma Torpedo Cruiser

  • The Kuma Torpedo Cruiser will set you back 150 points.
  • The ship has a massive 40 torpedo tubes, 20 on each side. This is serious torpedo power. Imagine having more than one torpedo cruiser. :)
  • The Kuma Torpedo Cruisers are similar to the standard Kuma in terms of armor and maneuverability.
  • Unfortunately the AA guns weren’t replaced - so the Kuma Torpedo Cruisers still lack effective AA weaponry.
  • Seaplanes and a gun turret were removed to make room for the torpedo tubes.
  • Top tip! - Launch a deadly salvo of torpedoes first – then turn to the other side and launch another one for a devastating attack.
  • Avoid getting too close to the enemy, as you can bet that they will always target you first.
  • Against them use air power – as they only have four machine guns for air defense.
  • And remember, the maximum range of the Long Lance torpedoes is just over 3000 meters or, 1.6 nautical miles. Try to launch your torps from the maximum range.

Superbattleships Yamato/Montana

  • They both cost 300 points each.
  • The Montana is slower and less maneuverable than the Iowa with a 21 knot top speed.
  • The Super Yamato is slower and less maneuverable than the Yamato with a top speed (just pipping the Montana) of 23 knots.
  • The Montana’s armour is only slightly weaker than the Yamato’s and the Super Yamato’s.
  • The Super Yamato has seriously strong AA defense, thanks to the turrets also used on the Akizuki class destroyers.
  • The Montana’s AA defense is roughly equal to that of the Iowa.
  • Five direct hits from the Super Yamato’s main gun will sink a destroyer almost every time.
  • The Montana has the deadliest long-range broadside in the game: Twelve 16 inch guns and extreme accuracy, even on maximum range.
  • A single shell from the Super Yamato’s 20 inch guns does more than double damage than any other standard battleship shell in the game… for real.
  • If a Montana is able to fire all main guns on you, you're in serious trouble - try to evade as soon as possible.
  • If you are close to the Super Yamato, you really don’t have much time left - the short range prevents any evasive action. Avoid.
  • It’s really good fun to re-play the single player missions with both ships. :)
  • The Yamato and the Iowa still remain viable options in Island capture and Duel modes.

After this, the Mustang Pack brings you 18 new pieces of nose art:

nose art collages battlestations pacific mustang pack

The Mustang Pack, priced at 160 Microsoft points, is available to download on Marketplace from July 2nd for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows LIVE.

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