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Table football
Play a game of table football against the computer.
Shift from the dark world to the light world as you grab keys and figure out to get to doors. Arrows to move, space to jump, shift to shift worlds.
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The right mix
Welcome to out pre-part cocktail mixing game for cocktail connoisseurs! Pour, shake and serve! Our barman Miguel is in your hands, but watch out, he\'s a bit partial to a cocktail himself!
Donkey Kong
You are mario you must climb up the ladders and steel beams to get to the princess before donkey kong crushes you with his barrels.
Play billiard solo or against a friend (multiplayer).
Air Hockey
Think you are good at Hockey? Then think again!! Take to the table and try and score more goals than your opponent. The faster you score the more points you get. Pick up lkoncity stars for extra bonus points and be careful not to put the puck in your own goal! Beat one opponent to move onto the next challenger who will be faster, smarter and tougher to beat. Can you beat all 10 opponents and be crowned King of the hockey table? Use the mouse to control all aspects of the game.
Submarine Commander
Your in control of a submarine, dodge anything that will hurt your sub.
Master and commander
It\'s a battle between you and a fellow rival ship.
The war is on! Deploy your ships on the board strategically and then ignite the war by clicking on the enemy board with designated amount of shoots to locate enemy ships. This is gonna be one really cool ship battle. Have fun!
1941 Pearl Harbor
Shoot all incoming kamikaze pilot and protect Pearl Harbor.

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