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How to use or navigate on our site

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  1. Breadcrumbs - this is automatic feature. Everytime you entering any link (like menu positions, downloads, gallery, forums and other) it showing you your actual position. You can also use it for navigate our site (eq - go back) by clicking any of yellow links created automatically.
  2. Search - you can search our site for keywords you are interested.
  3. Language selector - this is automatic feature. should determine your language and show you your version of site (if available). But you can always change used language manually
  4. TOP Menu of website - It's horizontal menu with submenus, you can enter many of features using that menu. Simple choose Menu position and click it using Left Mouse Button.
  5. Slideshow - nothing important :P Just showing some pictures to the users.
  6. Quick Links - manual feature. We added some most important (in our opinion) links here.
  7. Latest articles - Fully automated feature. Showing x number of latest articles (but they cannot be added to Start Page category - read position 9 for more details). Usually there are showed all articles from Encyclopedia. No news from Battlestations here. They are sorted by Date (latest first).
  8. Popular articles - Fully automated feature. Showing x number of popular articles (based on user views)
  9. Home Page articles or News Section. There are articles including news from Battlestations, our Community, about new or planned Mods. Notice that you can click Read More or Comment them. There is albo views counter (for every article). They are sorted by Date (latest first)
  10. Navigation for News - you can read old Home Page articles here.
  11. Login Form - Make your new account or Login to your existing account here. You can also User and Password reminder (if You forgot your login or pass word). When new Private Message arrives - you will get notification about this here.
  12. Latest Posts on Forum - fully automated feature. Based on Date of Post - will show you x number of newest posts on forum. You can click on Topic title (this will move you to the lastest post in this topic, you can click on author (of post) name. This will move you to his profile.
  13. Last registered users - fully automated feature. Based on Date of registration - will show you x number of latest registered users. You can go to their profile by clicking on their name.


14. New videos - fully automated feature. Based on Date of adding movie, will show you x number of last added videos (yes yes, if you are registered user, you can add your favourite videos too.

15. This day in history - semi automated feature. It will show you events from our Pacific Theatre timelime. Based on actual date.
16. Based on Triviaman Historical Blog - it will show you last added 3 entries from his blog.
17. Latest categories - fully automated feature. It will show you 4 latest added or updated categories from our Gallery. You can run slideshow by clicking on image thumbnail.
18. Some manual updated modules - they are here to show you some informations about site, or to show Google some of our tags (Tags Cloud).
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