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Historic Date Title Description
Tuesday, 01 December 1942

LtGen Eichelberger ordered to Papau, New Guinea, to take Buna.

Wednesday, 02 December 1942

Enrico Fermi conducts the worlds first nuclear chain reaction test at the University of Chicago.

Sunday, 03 December 1944

Almost 70 B-29's based in the Marianas bomb Musashino aircraft plant in Tokyo; 6 are lost.

Monday, 04 December 1944

B-24's from Guam and Saipan daily bomb Iwo Jima, plus random harassment attacks.

Tuesday, 05 December 1944

Japanese planes attack Leyte bound convoy - US freighter sunk.

Sunday, 06 December 1942

US subs attack convoys.

Sunday, 07 December 1941

Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; also attack the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam, Malaya, Thailand, Shanghai and Midway.

Monday, 08 December 1941

U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan. Japanese land near Singapore and enter Thailand.

Tuesday, 09 December 1941

China declares war on Japan.

Wednesday, 10 December 1941

Japanese invade the Philippines and also seize Guam.

Wednesday, 10 December 1941

Attack on Force Z (also known as Battle of Kuantan). British battleship Prince of Wales and battlecruiser Repulse sinks off Singapore;   Japanese troops overrun Guam

Thursday, 11 December 1941

Japanese invade Burma.

Thursday, 11 December 1941

Germany & Italy declare war on US;   Japanese attack Wake Island (only failed WWII-landing)

Friday, 12 December 1941

European reservists on Java mobilizes

Sunday, 13 December 1942

Buna, New Guinea, falls to Americans.

Monday, 14 December 1942

Gona, New Guinea, falls to Australians. It takes another month to end resistance in Papua campaign and it is August 1944 before all of New Guinea is secured.

Monday, 15 December 1941

First Japanese merchant ship sunk by a U.S. submarine.

Wednesday, 15 December 1943

U.S. Troops land on the Arawe Peninsula of New Britain in the Solomon Islands.

Friday, 15 December 1944

U.S. Troops invade Mindoro in the Philippines.

Tuesday, 16 December 1941

Japanese invade British Borneo.

Sunday, 17 December 1944

The U.S. Army Air Force begins preparations for dropping the Atomic Bomb by establishing the 509th Composite Group to operate the B-29s that will deliver the bomb.

Thursday, 18 December 1941

Japanese invade Hong Kong.

Tuesday, 19 December 1944

Carrier Unryu (CVL) sunk by Redfish (SS-395) in East China Sea.

Tuesday, 19 December 1944

Samar liberated.

Wednesday, 20 December 1944

Organized Japanese resistance ends on Leyte.

Thursday, 21 December 1944

27 Guam-based B-24's hit Iwo Jima.

Monday, 22 December 1941

Japanese invade Luzon in the Philippines.

Tuesday, 22 December 1942

26 B-24's flown 4,300 miles to attack Wake Island.

Tuesday, 23 December 1941

General Douglas MacArthur begins a withdrawal from Manila to Bataan; Japanese take Wake Island.

Sunday, 24 December 1944

USAAF bombers raid Iwo Jima, Navy shells.

Thursday, 25 December 1941

British surrender at Hong Kong.

Friday, 26 December 1941

Manila declared an open city.

Sunday, 26 December 1943

Full Allied assault on New Britain as 1st Division Marines invade Cape Gloucester.

Tuesday, 26 December 1944

Japanese Force of Ashigara (CA), Oyodo (CL), three destroyers and three escort destroyers, approaches Mindoro to bombard the beachhead. USAAF B-25's, P-38's, P-40's, and P-47's and Navy PB4Y's and PBM's successively attack the force. One DD sunk.

Saturday, 27 December 1941

Japanese bomb Manila.

Wednesday, 27 December 1944

USAAF plus cruiser and destroyer bombard Japanese installations on Iwo Jima and shipping offshore.

Wednesday, 27 December 1944

52 B-29's from the Marianas bomb Tokyo's Nakajima and Musashino aircraft plants.

Thursday, 28 December 1944

Japanese air attacks commence against Mindoro-bound task group - 3 ships destroyed.

Saturday, 30 December 1944

Japanese air attacks continue on Mindoro-bound convoy; - 2 more ships lost.
5th Air Force attack Japanese shipping in approaches to Lingayen Gulf - 4 ships sunk.

Thursday, 31 December 1942

Emperor Hirohito of Japan gives permission to his troops to withdraw from Guadalcanal after five months of bloody fighting against U.S. Forces

Thursday, 31 December 1942

Japanese high command decides to withdraw from Guadalcanal.

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