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Thursday, 01 January 1942

TF-17 (RAdm Fletcher) formed on Yorktown (CV-5) newly returned from the Atlantic.

Monday, 01 January 1945

Army troops land on Fais Island, Caroline Islands, to capture and destroy Japanese radio station. B-25's and FBs make low-level attacks on Negros airfields. B-24's, with P-38 cover, bomb Clark Field.
19 B-24's from Saipan bomb Iwo Jima. 9 more make random snooper raids.

Friday, 02 January 1942

Manila and U.S. Naval base at Cavite captured by the Japanese.

Saturday, 02 January 1943

Allies take Buna in New Guinea.

Wednesday, 03 January 1945

Gen. MacArthur is placed in command of all U.S. ground forces and Adm. Nimitz in command of all naval forces in preparation for planned assaults against Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Japan itself.

Wednesday, 03 January 1945

TF 38 (VAdm McCain) begins operations against Japanese airfields and shipping near Formosa. Leading groups of U.S. fleet bound for Lingayen Gulf make daylight passage of Surigao Strait.
57 Marianas based B-29's bomb docks and urban areas of Nagoya. 21 others bomb alternates.

Thursday, 04 January 1945

British occupy Akyab in Burma.

Thursday, 04 January 1945

A kamikaze irreparably damages Ommaney Bay (CVE-79), sunk by USN.

Tuesday, 05 January 1943

USAAF B-17's and B-24's bomb Japanese shipping at Rabaul, New Britain.

Friday, 05 January 1945
    Kamikazes damage Louisville (CA-28) , Helm (DD-388) , Manila Bay (CVE-61), and Savo Island (CVE-78), Stafford (DE-411) , and 3 smaller ships. Suiciders also damage HMAS Australia (CA) and destroyer HMAS Arunta (DD).
Tuesday, 06 January 1942

Yorktown (CV-5) sails from San Diego to escoret Second Marine Brigade to American Samoa.

Tuesday, 06 January 1942

Planes from Truk attack Rabaul in the Bismarcks.

Saturday, 06 January 1945

Kamikazes damage battleships New Mexico (BB-40) (killing members of an observing British military mission) and California (BB-44), Columbia (CL-56) and Newcomb (DD-586) (also hit by friendly fire) and Richard P. Leary (DD-664), Louisville (CA-28), Allen M. Sumner (DD-692), and O'Brien (DD-725).

Wednesday, 07 January 1942

Japanese attack Bataan in the Philippines.

Friday, 08 January 1943

USAAF B-17's, B-24's, B-25's and A-20's, supported by P-38's, attack Japanese convoy unloading off Lae, New Guinea.

Monday, 08 January 1945

Japanese aerial onslaught on Lingayen Gulf invasion force, kamikazes damage escort carriers Kitkun Bay (CVE-71) and Kadashan Bay (CVE-76) A suicider damages HMAS Australia (CA) again.

Sunday, 09 January 1944

British and Indian troops recapture Maungdaw in Burma.

Tuesday, 09 January 1945

U.S. Sixth Army invades Lingayen Gulf on Luzon in the Philippines.

Sunday, 10 January 1943

Transport submarine Argonaut (APS-1) attacks convoy SE of New Britain, is sunk by Japanese aircraft and destroyers.

Wednesday, 10 January 1945

Demolition boats infiltrate the transport areas off Lingayen, sinking two gunboats and damaging Robinson (DD-562) and Philip (DD-498), War Hawk (AP-168) and LST-610. Japanese air attacks damage Wickes (DD-578); kamikazes damage Leray Wilson (DE-414), and Dupage (APA-41).

    Sunday, 11 January 1942

    Japanese invade Dutch East Indies and Dutch Borneo.

    Sunday, 11 January 1942

    Enterprise (CV-6, TF 8, VAdm Halsey) departs Pearl to join escort of Marines to Samoa.

    Thursday, 11 January 1945

    Air raid against Japanese bases in Indochina by U.S. Carrier-based planes.

    Monday, 12 January 1942

    Saratoga (CV-3, TF 11, VAdm Fitch) torpedoed 500 miles SE Hawaii. She is able to return to Pearl and is sent to West Coast for repairs until June 1.

    Monday, 12 January 1942

    Captives shipped from Wake Island to Japan; 5 beheaded to assure good behavior.

    Tuesday, 12 January 1943

    Nine motor torpedo boats operating from Tulagi attack 8 DD Japanese Reinforcement Unit off Cape Esperance, Guadalcanal.

    Saturday, 13 January 1945

    Kamikaze attacks against Lingayen Gulf invasion shipping culminate in suicide plane crashing and damaging Salamaua (CVE-96).

    Thursday, 14 January 1943

    Casablanca Conference begins. Roosevelt, Churchill, and staffs meet to plan future operations against the Axis.

    Thursday, 15 January 1942

    ABDA (American, British, Dutch and Australian) force formed in Western Pacific.

    Thursday, 15 January 1942

    Marines arrive Pago Pago covered by Enterprise and Yorktown.

    Friday, 15 January 1943

    SBD's from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, and USAAF B-17's, escorted by F4F's and USAAF P-39's, attack nine Japanese destroyers northeast of New Georgia, Solomons, damaging 4.

    Friday, 16 January 1942

    Japanese begin an advance into Burma.

    Sunday, 17 January 1943

    Section B of Japanese Solomons reinforcement convoy sails from Truk, bound for the Shortlands.

    Sunday, 18 January 1942

    German-Japanese-Italian military agreement signed in Berlin.

    Monday, 18 January 1943

    USAAF B-17's and P-39's sink Japanese cargo vessel Yamafuku Maru off Shortland Island.

    Monday, 19 January 1942

    Japanese take North Borneo.

    Tuesday, 19 January 1943

    Japanese land at Wewak, New Guinea.

    Wednesday, 20 January 1943

    Silversides (SS-236) encounters Section C of Japanese Solomons reinforcement convoy, and sinks army transport Meiu Maru and irreparably damages another.

    Wednesday, 20 January 1943

    First destroyer escort type ship, Brennan (DE-13), is commissioned at Mare Island, Cal.

    Wednesday, 21 January 1942

    Enterprise and Yorktown task forces set course for the Japanese-held Marshalls and Gilberts.

    Thursday, 22 January 1942

    Lexington departs to raid Wake Island.

    Friday, 22 January 1943

    Allies defeat Japanese at Sanananda on New Guinea.

    Friday, 23 January 1942

    Japanese take Rabaul on New Britain in the Solomon Islands and also invade Bougainville, the largest island.

    Friday, 23 January 1942

    Neches (AO-5), fleet oiler, torpedoed and sunk. Lexington has to cancel raid on Wake Island.

    Friday, 23 January 1942

    Japanese take Rabaul, good harbor, becomes major Japanese base.

    Saturday, 24 January 1942

    Battle of Makassar Strait off Balikpapan sinks four Japanese transports

    Thursday, 25 January 1945

    Almost daily, 10 to 20 B-24 attack Iwo Jima to suppress enemy fighters intercepting B-29's.

      70-plus B-29's mine the 6 approaches to Singapore harbor and at Saigon, Camranh Bay, Pakchan R, Penang harbor, Koh Si Chang Channel, and Phan Rang Bay.
    Tuesday, 26 January 1943

    Wahoo (SS-238) attacks Japanese convoy about 270 miles north of Dutch New Guinea, sinks four ships.

    Tuesday, 27 January 1942

    First Japanese warship sunk by a U.S. submarine.

    Tuesday, 27 January 1942

    Australians warn New Caledonia could be captured before US troop ships. then underway. arrive.

    Tuesday, 27 January 1942

    Submarine Gudgeon sinks Japanese submarine I-73.

    Sunday, 28 January 1945

    The Burma road is reopened.

    Thursday, 29 January 1942

    Inter-island army transport, General Royal T. Frank sunk with all hands by I-71, 2-miles W of Maui.

    Friday, 29 January 1943

    Battle of Rennell Island begins as Japanese land planes attack TF 18 cruisers and destroyers covering the movement of transport force toward Guadalcanal ; damage heavy cruiser Chicago (CA 29) taken under tow.

    Friday, 30 January 1942

    The British withdraw into Singapore. The siege of Singapore then begins.

    Friday, 30 January 1942

    Lexington sent to south to cover return of E and Y from the attack on the Gilberts and Marshalls.

    Monday, 31 January 1944

    U.S. Troops invade Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands.

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