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Historic Date Title Description
Sunday, 01 March 1942

Perth and Houston sunk during raid on Banter Bay

Sunday, 01 March 1942

Exeter, Encounter and Pope sunk S. of Borneo.

Thursday, 01 March 1945

A U.S. submarine sinks a Japanese merchant ship loaded with supplies for Allied POWs, resulting in a court martial for the captain of the submarine, since the ship had been granted safe passage by the U.S. Government.

Tuesday, 02 March 1943

Battle of Bismarck Sea started.

Friday, 02 March 1945

U.S. airborne troops recapture Corregidor in the Philippines.

Saturday, 03 March 1945

U.S. And Filipino troops take Manila.

Wednesday, 04 March 1942

Two Japanese flying boats bomb Pearl Harbor; ENTERPRISE attacks Marcus Island, just 1000 miles from Japan.

Wednesday, 04 March 1942

Enterprise (CV-6,TF 8, Halsey) raids Marcus Island.

Thursday, 04 March 1943

U.S. victory over Japanese in the Battle of Bismarck Sea.

Thursday, 05 March 1942

King-FDR "We cannot in honor let Australia and New Zealand down".

Monday, 05 March 1945

Bashaw (SS-241) sinks 2 tankers off Indochina. Subs, B-24's, B-25's sink 6 subchasers.

Friday, 06 March 1942

Lexington (Fitch) and Yorktown (Fletcher) join up intending to raid Rabaul.

Saturday, 07 March 1942

British evacuate Rangoon in Burma; Japanese invade Salamaua and Lae on New Guinea.

Sunday, 08 March 1942

The Dutch on Java surrender to Japanese.

Sunday, 08 March 1942

Japanese invade New Guinea at Lae and Salamaua.

Thursday, 08 March 1945

AAF B-24, B-25 bombers sink 8 ships is various areas.

Friday, 09 March 1945

Fifteen square miles of Tokyo erupts in flames after it is fire bombed by 279 B-29s.

Tuesday, 10 March 1942

Lexington and Yorktown attack Japanese invasion force at New Guinea.

Saturday, 10 March 1945

U.S. Eighth Army invades Zamboanga Peninsula on Mindanao in the Philippines.

Saturday, 10 March 1945

279 B-29's, of 325 airborne from Guam, Tinian, and Saipan, blast Tokyo urban area with incendiaries, destroying more than 267,000 buildings about one-fourth in the city and killing more than 83,000 people. This death total is the highest of any single day's action during the war, (exceeding the deaths caused by each atomic bomb). 20 other B-29's bomb alternates. 14 B-29's are lost.

Wednesday, 11 March 1942

Gen. MacArthur leaves Corregidor and is flown to Australia. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright becomes the new U.S. commander.

Wednesday, 11 March 1942

Enterprise (Halsey) returns to Pearl after Marcus Island raid.

Thursday, 12 March 1942

US Army lands on New Caledonia (French) to establish base at Noumea.

Thursday, 12 March 1942

Fall of Netherlands East Indies.

Friday, 13 March 1942

MacArthur's PT boats arrive Cagayan, PI.

Saturday, 13 March 1943

Japanese land in Solomon Islands from Rabaul

Tuesday, 13 March 1945

274 B-29's bombs Osaka with incendiaries.

Wednesday, 14 March 1945

Carrier TF 58 heads for Okinawa with 88 warships.

Sunday, 15 March 1942

MacArthur's party depart in B-17 for Darwin.

Wednesday, 15 March 1944

Japanese begin offensive toward Imphal and Kohima.

Monday, 16 March 1942

Submarine Permit (SS-178) delivers ammunition to Corregidor, evacuates code breakers.

Tuesday, 17 March 1942

United States assumes strategic defense of the Pacific Ocean.

Tuesday, 17 March 1942

MacArthur arrives Australia by B-17 during Japanese attack.

Wednesday, 18 March 1942

Gen. MacArthur appointed commander of the Southwest Pacific Theater by President Roosevelt.

Wednesday, 18 March 1942

War Relocation Authority established in the U.S. which eventually will round up 120,000 Japanese-Americans and transport them to barb-wired relocation centers. Despite the internment, over 17,000 Japanese-Americans sign up and fight for the U.S. in World War II in Europe, including the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated unit in U.S. history.

Monday, 19 March 1945

TF 58 pounds airfields on Kyushu, shipping at Kure and Kobe, Honshu, damage IJN ships at dock at Kure and Osaka.

    Japanese planes bomb Wasp (CV-18) off Shikoku, while friendly fire hits Essex (CV-9) ; Kamikaze damages Franklin (CV-13) off Kyushu, 800 killed.
    16 P-51's from Iwo Jima and 12 Guam-based B-24's bomb and strafe Chichi Jima
    Minesweepers head for Okinawa.

Friday, 20 March 1942

Hornet (CV-8), new carrier, arrives at San Francisco. Yorktown patrols Coral Sea, Lexington enroute to Pearl from New Guinea raid.

Tuesday, 20 March 1945

British troops liberate Mandalay, Burma.

Tuesday, 20 March 1945

Enterprise (CV-6) is damaged by friendly fire off Japan.

Saturday, 21 March 1942

MacArthur & family arrive Kooringa by train; discovers no Army waiting.

Sunday, 22 March 1942

MacArthur arrives Melbourne, greeted by 360 American troops.

Monday, 23 March 1942

Japanese invade the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

Monday, 23 March 1942

Japanese occupy Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal.

Monday, 23 March 1942

Submarine Gato (SS-212) bombed by blimp off San Francisco Bay.

Friday, 23 March 1945

Carrier TF 58 begins daily strikes against Japanese shipping and installations in the Okinawa area.

Tuesday, 24 March 1942

Admiral Chester Nimitz appointed as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific theater.

Tuesday, 24 March 1942

Japanese naval planes begin daily bombings of Corregidor.

Tuesday, 24 March 1942

British Far East Fleet assembles at Ceylon : 5 BB,3 CV,2 CA,6 CL,15 DD,5 SS.

Saturday, 24 March 1945

TF 59 bombards Okinawa.

Wednesday, 25 March 1942

Adm King diverts forces to establish base at Efate, New Hebrides, leaving Noumea, N.Caledonia, for Army.

Thursday, 26 March 1942

Washington (BB-56), Wasp (CV-7), Wichita (CA-45), Tuscaloosa (CA-37), and 8 DD, sail from Portland, Maine, to reinforce the British Home Fleet.

Thursday, 26 March 1942

Japanese fleet departs Celebes for Ceylon: 4 BB,5 CV,2 CA,1 CL,8 DD,5 SS

Thursday, 26 March 1942

Lexington arrives Pearl from Coral Sea for dry dock overhaul.

Monday, 26 March 1945

Enemy makes final banzai on Iwo Jima in early morning. Capture phase of Iwo Jima ends at 0800.

    22,082 US casualties, 21,300 enemy killed and 212 taken prisoner.
    Army force lands on Kerama Retto, 30-miles from Okinawa. to be used as replenishment anchorage.
    Kamikazes and bombers damage 9 ships from battleships to minesweepers.
    Army lands on Cebu, P.I.
    British Pacific Fleet (TF-57) arrives to help protect left flank, Sakishima Group of islands.

Tuesday, 27 March 1945

B-29s lay mines in Japan's Shimonoseki Strait to interrupt shipping.

Tuesday, 27 March 1945

94 B-29's mine the Shimonoseki Straits and the waters of Suo Nada, Japan. This operation and 6 that follow, support the coming Okinawa campaign.

Saturday, 28 March 1942

Another Japanese fleet departs for Bay of Bengal: 4 CA, 1 CVL, 8 DD

Sunday, 29 March 1942

The forward echelon of Marine Fighter Squadron 212 arrived at Efate to construct an air strip; initiated operations New Hebrides 27May'42.

Monday, 30 March 1942

Joint Chiefs divide Pacific Ocean (Nimitz) and SW Pacific (MacArthur).

Monday, 30 March 1942

Japanese forces occupy Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

Friday, 30 March 1945

87 B-29's mine the Shimonoseki Straits and the waters off Kure, Hiroshima, and Sasebo, Japan.
31 Iwo Jima-based P-51's bomb and strafe Haha Jima
Indianapolis (CA-35) is damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa - retires to Kerama Retto for temp repairs then steams stateside.
Keise Shima taken, 6 miles from Okinawa, as artillery position.

Tuesday, 31 March 1942

Colorado (BB-45) sails from W.Coast, in overhaul since Jun'41.

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