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Midway Modders Mappack 1

Midway Modders Mappack 1 - five new massive multiplayer maps for Battlestations: Midway.
Indian Ocean Raid, Tokyo Express, Super Steel Monsters, Ironbottom Sound, Operations Ten-Go,

Download Midway Modders Mappack 1 (PC Win)
Download Midway Modders Mappack 1 (MacOS)

Midway Modders Mappack 2

Midway Modders Mappack 2 - six new massive multiplayer maps for Battlestations: Midway.
Battle of Java Sea, Strike on Kwajalein, Cape Engano, Wolfpack, Raid on Truk, Port Moresby

Download Midway Modders Mappack 2 (PC Win)
Download Midway Modders Mappack 2 (MacOS)

Our Forum Battlestations

Visit our Forum and join our discussions. We still looking for opinions and help with creating Battlestations Add-Ons.

Visit Battlestations Midway and Pacific Forum

Introduce yourself, ask for help, sell your tips and request others. Discuss about naval battles and weapons, post your pictures and movies.


Battlestations Midway - New and "almost" new Screen Savers

Battlestations Midway cover

If You like Screensavers and Battlestations: Midway stuff, you probably will be happy after visiting our Downloads/Battlestations Midway/Screensavers category. Yet neglected for some time, category of the Screen savers is enriched with 11 new items. Old active community members probably know seven of them, created some time ago by Nemesisgr for BSM Community (Gameplay, Hello Sailor, Multiplayer, Tulagi Strike, Vehicles, Who are you, Yamato Airstrike). But we have some more newer additions.

From today on you can find four new Battlestations Midway Screen Savers. Three of them contains movies published on our site: Battle of Cape Engano Trailer, Battle of Java Sea Trailer and Battlestations Midway Dogfights. Last scrensaver, called BSM Mappack 2 Mega Slideshow, contains almost 200 high quality screenshots taken from Mappack 2 in special, free camera mode. This means they not contains any crosshairs, icons, nicknames or instruments. All these four new screensavers contain music in background, however, they are configurable, you can disable music in your Display Properties/Screensavers panel (click on Settings button). Enjoy.
* Thank to Katarya for his help with this artile


Battlestations Midway - Language updates

Battlestations Midway cover

Language updates - Russian, Polish and Spanish. From today on you can find new and updated language files for Battlestations Midway. New available versions are:

Russian for PC Windows
Russian for MacOS
Polish for PC Windows
Polish for MacOS
Spanish for MacOS

Click Read More for details.



Battlestations Midway - Dogfight movie

During the last few days I noticed that none of us are making some movies and uploading them on Youtube. I tried to find a Battlestations Midway movie released last month and I found... nothing. So I decided to open Fraps and make some new ones... and fresh... After one evening the prerecorded movies were done, the only thing was to cut a few ... ,okay - several scenes and mix it with sound. Here is my quick movie called Battlestations Midway Dogfights, I just wanted to remind you guys of how dynamic and beautiful BSM is. Click Read More to see it.


Battlestations Midway - Spanish language is ready to use

A month ago, one of our members - Gabriel_03 - promised us a new version of the translation for Battlestations Midway. In contrast to the versions included in Mappack 2, which benefited from the existing official languages (English, French, German, Italian and Polish) Gabriel_03 pledged to create new version for his language from scratch. We looked at this favorably, knowing that it is a lot of work, but Gabriel_03 from time to time sent us an updated version. Last version we received is already so good, that we decided to add it to our Downloads and to publish here. The Spanish version of Battlestations Midway is ready for use. If you are using it, or you want to use, do not forget to thank Gabriel_03 for his work.

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Indianapolis (CA-35) is damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa - retires to Kerama Retto for temp repairs then steams stateside.
Keise Shima taken, 6 miles from Okinawa, as artillery position.

Monday, 30 March 1942

Japanese forces occupy Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

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