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Midway Modders Mappack 1

Midway Modders Mappack 1 - five new massive multiplayer maps for Battlestations: Midway.
Indian Ocean Raid, Tokyo Express, Super Steel Monsters, Ironbottom Sound, Operations Ten-Go,

Download Midway Modders Mappack 1 (PC Win)
Download Midway Modders Mappack 1 (MacOS)

Midway Modders Mappack 2

Midway Modders Mappack 2 - six new massive multiplayer maps for Battlestations: Midway.
Battle of Java Sea, Strike on Kwajalein, Cape Engano, Wolfpack, Raid on Truk, Port Moresby

Download Midway Modders Mappack 2 (PC Win)
Download Midway Modders Mappack 2 (MacOS)

Our Forum Battlestations

Visit our Forum and join our discussions. We still looking for opinions and help with creating Battlestations Add-Ons.

Visit Battlestations Midway and Pacific Forum

Introduce yourself, ask for help, sell your tips and request others. Discuss about naval battles and weapons, post your pictures and movies.


Battlestations Midway - Splash Screens Project is available for MacOS users

In just four days, it was enough for Macintosh users to download, repack, make installation software for MacOS and send it to to us as a result of this, all Splash Screens which are available for PC Windows users (Midway Modders and Admiral Becton production), now are also available for Apple MacOS users. Now You can pick your favourite Splash Screen from 26 options. Of course like PC users, you can change them as often as you want. Click Read More to view Details, Splash Screens Gallery and Slideshow. And give our member - jovald - a big round of applouse and a thank you anytime when you play with or against him using Game Ranger connection software!


Battlestations Midway - Splash Screens Project

The Midway Modders team is proud to present the first customizable option for Battlestations Midway. You can now pick your own loading screen from over 26 new options. Simply pick a screen that you like from the gallery, then download and install the corresponding splash screen installation file from the download section. You can change them as often as you like. Click Read More to see Details. Enjoy.


Battlestations Midway - Downloads working again!

We managed to locate the source of problems and the ability to download both Midway Modders Mappacks was restored. We wish you a good transfer and a nice game. Both versions for PC Windows and Apple MacOS are already operate.

Feb06 - technical problems

Due to unexpected technical problems we were forced into temporary close of downloading Midway Modders Mappack 1 and 2. At this moment, from 4 files that were available, (versions for PC Windows and Apple MacOS) only one is available: Midway Modders Mappack 1 (version for PC Windows). We're working to restart the download. We hope that you will forgive us, remember that, service is created by players for players, and nobody does not sponsoring us, and prepare to download such large files, however, is a problem. Once again, we apologize, we will try to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

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This day in history

Monday, 30 March 1942

Joint Chiefs divide Pacific Ocean (Nimitz) and SW Pacific (MacArthur).

Friday, 30 March 1945

87 B-29's mine the Shimonoseki Straits and the waters off Kure, Hiroshima, and Sasebo, Japan.
31 Iwo Jima-based P-51's bomb and strafe Haha Jima
Indianapolis (CA-35) is damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa - retires to Kerama Retto for temp repairs then steams stateside.
Keise Shima taken, 6 miles from Okinawa, as artillery position.

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