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Midway Modders Mappack 1

Midway Modders Mappack 1 - five new massive multiplayer maps for Battlestations: Midway.
Indian Ocean Raid, Tokyo Express, Super Steel Monsters, Ironbottom Sound, Operations Ten-Go,

Download Midway Modders Mappack 1 (PC Win)
Download Midway Modders Mappack 1 (MacOS)

Midway Modders Mappack 2

Midway Modders Mappack 2 - six new massive multiplayer maps for Battlestations: Midway.
Battle of Java Sea, Strike on Kwajalein, Cape Engano, Wolfpack, Raid on Truk, Port Moresby

Download Midway Modders Mappack 2 (PC Win)
Download Midway Modders Mappack 2 (MacOS)

Our Forum Battlestations

Visit our Forum and join our discussions. We still looking for opinions and help with creating Battlestations Add-Ons.

Visit Battlestations Midway and Pacific Forum

Introduce yourself, ask for help, sell your tips and request others. Discuss about naval battles and weapons, post your pictures and movies.


Battlestations Pacific Demo download links

Eidos Interactive present, Battlestations Pacific, the official sequel to 2007's acclaimed Battlestations Midway. Delivering intense combat and strategic warfare, over two distinctly different singleplayer campaigns, as the Americans or the Japanese. Over 28 story missions, 21 new units and additional viewpoints and features are available too, as the war continues for players in 2009.

The Battlestations Pacific demo has been released and features a mission from the US campaign, plus


Battlestations: Pacific Screenshots

Battlestations: Pacific, upcoming sequel to the 2007 released WWII naval action-strategy game Battlestations Midway. Now visit our gallery to take a look for new screenshots, many of which show off more of what we like best in these kinds of games; blowing stuff up real good.

Battlestations Pacific will allow players to command the large navel fleets of both the US and Japan in separate single player campaigns as well as full multiplayer support. The PC version also will support Games For Windows Live.which should mean things like achievements will be supported. The game is currently due for release in mid-May. Demo will be available tomorrow. Press Read More for screenshots...


Demo Battlestations Pacific

Single-player Demo

The official Battlestations: Pacific single-player demo features a complete mission from the US campaign as well as two multiplayer modes playable in single-player Skirmish mode.


Battlestations: Pacific

Battlestations: Pacific

Battlestations: Pacific is the immense sequel to the innovative strategy-action game Battlestations: Midway. You'll experience one war through two epic sagas that take you into the most critical air, sea, and sub battles of the Pacific War, fighting the greatest battles and rewriting the course of history. Battlestations: Pacific also features a deep online multiplayer game that offers 100 online battles scenarios across five new gameplay modes.

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Friday, 30 March 1945

87 B-29's mine the Shimonoseki Straits and the waters off Kure, Hiroshima, and Sasebo, Japan.
31 Iwo Jima-based P-51's bomb and strafe Haha Jima
Indianapolis (CA-35) is damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa - retires to Kerama Retto for temp repairs then steams stateside.
Keise Shima taken, 6 miles from Okinawa, as artillery position.

Monday, 30 March 1942

Japanese forces occupy Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

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