Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.



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Ostatnie wiadomości: 1 dzień, 20 godziny temu
  • bushidocode : IJN got a server up
  • bushidocode : bushidocode09 for GFWL if interested
  • bushidocode : Hi everyone break from maps developments .....interested in multiplay play?
  • bushidocode : Reply Yamatofavor: There is no luck involve only time. Please, this is a team effort, not my own. Peace time to work on maps
  • YamatoFavor : GOOD LUCK BUSHIDOCODE hoping to see the ships from IL - 2 1946 to BSP BEST OF LUCK AGAIN!
  • bushidocode : Reply to the forums: We got all the units we need from other games. We need to understand the step by step process to import those units into BSP. Stay focus and be patient.
  • Axis_Crusher : Studying the DLC files would be providing a good insight. Just keep in mind I already merged it all with BSP.
  • YamatoFavor : Reply to Bushidocode: sorry bro i don't have sorry :(
  • bushidocode : please look at the map code for Premuim giving Mpkg from mother Russia..... with great thanks from them!! :) ;) Peace out.
  • bushidocode : After this study before the BSA, we will introduce create two maps Hell in the Pacific and Midway Battle Histocical battle
  • robi777 : You still have enough time for gearing up.
  • bushidocode : All this is gearing up for BattleStations Altantic. Among other things.
  • bushidocode : Review of Premuim maps for HQ and supply bases - alot of code. Also dev.S" cut naval supply - CAP 1,2 ,3 Add the technilogy naval supplies to the game.
  • bushidocode : Reply Yamatofavor: Lancaster already done. Do you have skype?
  • robi777 : Really sorry to hear that,and i hope you will get enough rest and that you can resume modding as soon as possible.
  • Axis_Crusher : It's just past 21:00 and I'm still stuck at work :(
  • alvinfc : who knows dgxdgxdg
  • alvinfc : axis skype??
  • bushidocode : Have a great day. Short visit. Take care, Bushidocode
  • bushidocode : Good day to everyone!!

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