Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.



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Ostatnie wiadomości: 5 godziny, 53 minuty temu
  • YamatoFavor : @Purplehearts please look at my forum there is a task for you :) «link»
  • Neighbor Kid : is there any link to this dxg mod forum or just on his page? The ships looks nice, but im still against paying for any sort of mod.
  • YamatoFavor : @Purplehearts please look at my forum there is a task for you :) «link»
  • YamatoFavor : 3d Modelers needed FAST! post here if you are a modeler THANKS :)«link»
  • YamatoFavor : can anyone send me a render of the crest the one that is painted in the Funnel of the Yamato Thanks
  • commander123 : english?
  • Axis_Crusher : For that you'll have to work on the .pes files in the particles folder. I don't know anything on how to modify these but I do know it has been done once in BSM and once in BSP, but a long lime ago.
  • ABCompany : I wanna change the smoke after fire in muzzle flash to stay longer
  • commander123 : The water cannot be changed, but I think you can change the size of a muzzle flash.
  • ABCompany : Hi all!I´m new to modding but I have a question.If we can change the textures and models of the ships...Is there a way to change things like muzzle flashes or water textures?
  • Axis_Crusher : Hi all! Just letting you know that part 4 of the modding tutorial is now available
  • YamatoFavor : Suggestions I mean :)
  • YamatoFavor : And also thanks for accepting my request
  • YamatoFavor : HEY Axis can i see more of your remodeled units I'm excited and also i wanna see your Remodeled 1945 Yamato
  • Axis_Crusher : I recall the Midway Modders converted the Kingfisher from BSP to BSM for one of their maps
  • purplehearts : Being tired of modding BSM without help,anyone can convert planes or ships in BSP to BSM?
  • YamatoFavor : here «link»
  • Axis_Crusher : Where?
  • YamatoFavor : Hey Axis i posted something in my forum that you might like
  • YamatoFavor : Hey Axis I posted something in my forum that you MIGHT like :)

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