Since december 2012 Battlestations: Midway is supported by GameSpy no longer. The only one possibility for Midway players is GameRanger. Please visit, download Gameranger client and make new account. You can find other Midway players in the Gameranger rooms. BS:M patch 1.1.1 is required to play online battles. Iowa Mission Pack and Midway Modders Mappacks 1 and 2 are recommended.



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  • ThE_BLanK : And it suddenly went silent on forums. Quite an eerie sight....
  • Axis_Crusher : The answer is simple - submarines were implemented into the game with the goal/assumption of them operating as lone wolves. For this reason they did not code the game to add subs to a formation.
  • Paulsface269 : Ah. There might be one in GGame_OnInit/Scrips/Datatables /ShipGlobals.lua. Sorry, the full line didn't seem to post correctly yesterday, it was GGame_OnInit/Scripts/ datatables/autoload/ vehicleclasses.lua. There should be an option in one of those, if there is an option at all. Good luck! Hope this helps!
  • drlacaug1896 : @paulsface262 i cant seem to find to formation option thing for submarine.
  • Paulsface269 : If you then find the submarine you want to put in a formation, look and see if it has an option, for example - Can join formation "No", or something like that. Although I don't know for definite if you can change it. Hope this helps
  • Paulsface269 : Probably. Try looking in GGame_OnInit/Scripts/datatables/autoload/Vehicleclasses.lua. If you're using BSM. BSP is probably similar, though.
  • drlacaug1896 : is there a way to make submarines in a ship formation ?
  • Axis_Crusher : Hi. Please take a look at post #29 at this «link»
  • taylork : Hello all, I just joined so I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, but is there anywhere to obtain the Carrier Battles Mappack for BSP?
  • YamatoFavor : i just found that nice picture so whats wrong about it? :3
  • YamatoFavor : hmm you noticed?
  • robi777 : YamatoFavor,why are you changing your profile picture every few days?
  • robi777 : He is just trolling you...
  • Axis_Crusher : Could you guys please lend me a hand with this fellow: «link»
  • Paulsface269 : I have. He hasn't replied yet. Thanks for the reply, though.
  • robi777 : PM Oomperial
  • Paulsface269 : I don't suppose anyone could post a download link for the BSM County class CA please? Only need BSM one, not BSP. Thank you.
  • drlacaug1896 : if i need to edit Island Capture Map - 08 Coral(large) what name scenes do i have to open
  • Axis_Crusher : Check the reply I sent to your forum post
  • jesbro : And I mean more allied AI not enemy.

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